‘9-1-1’: Why Did Eddie Help the Convict Escape?

by Jacklyn Krol

Why did Eddie Diaz help a convict escape on 9-1-1?

On Season 5, Episode 6, the 118 team was called in to put out fires caused by a prison riot. Two of the prisoners disguised themselves as prison guards and ended up taking Buck and Eddie in the ambulance hostage.

One of the prisoners was Mitchell Trent (Mark Pellegrino), who created the escape plan to go visit his son and help him. His son Nolan was dying and in need of a heart transplant to save his life. He revealed to Eddie that he was petitioning the prison board to let him be executed for his crimes and donate his heart to his son. California law would not allow this to take place.

So Eddie and Mitch were in the van while Buck and the other prisoner were caught by police inside the hospital. Eddie convinced Mitch to give himself up to the police and promised that he would figure out a way for his son to get a heart. Unfortunately, he ended up shooting himself in the head with his gun.

Eddie then did compressions to keep his heart viable. He related to Mitch as Chris signed up for military deployment following his son’s diagnosis with cerebral palsy because he did not know how to handle the situation. Mitch left his son for prison after committing crimes, his mother kept Mitch away from their son. But that didn’t stop Mitch from caring and checking up on them from behind bars.

Athena worked with her boss to speak to California representatives to okay the transplant which was successfully completed.

‘9-1-1’ Stars Gavin McHugh and Ryan Gunzman’s Tight Relationship

Gavin McHugh stars as Christopher Diaz, his character’s son on the show. In real life, Guzman has become a father figure to him. Gavin even used Guzman as an inspiration for one of his school projects.

“I actually woke up to a text message from Gavin’s mom,” Guzman recalled to TVLine in 2018. “And it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read in my entire life.”

The school assignment was to select an interesting person that is an inspiration to them.

“Gavin had a school project where he had to pick an interesting person that inspires him, and he wrote about me. He could have chosen anyone, but he wrote about me. He was like, ‘I love Ryan. We have so much fun and he’s such a great person.’ That just warmed my heart.”

Guzman described his 11-year-old co-star as a “light that you can’t shut off,” he added. “He brightens everybody’s day just by walking into a room, and his laugh is so infectious. He’s made me even more excited as a soon-to-be father to get to that place with my own child. I feel very privileged that my character gets to spend time with him.”