‘9-1-1’: Why Kenneth Choi Calls the Show a ‘Dream’ to Be On

by Suzanne Halliburton

Kenneth Choi, the 9-1-1 paramedic who goes by the nickname “Chimney” recently described why he loves working on the show so much.

And basically, the appeal he feels as an actor is why so many fans adore 9-1-1.

Choi was talking to TV Insider earlier this year about a plot twist he and his then girlfriend were about to experience. That’s when he described all that there is to love about the series.

“This show has a wonderful mix of high-intensity action sequences, tear-jerking dramatic moments, and light humor,” Choi said.

“As an actor, it’s a dream to play with all these different colors especially in one episode.”

The 9-1-1 episode he specifically was discussing was called What’s Your Grievance. And it had to do with a secret that Maddie’s family was keeping from her brother, Buck (Oliver Stark). The episode ran in February.

“Chimney is straddling that precarious line of honoring his friendship with Buck and honoring his promise to Maddie,” Choi said of the 9-1-1 episode. “Absolute conflict of interests!”

(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

So What Was That Big Family Secret on 9-1-1?

As 9-1-1 fans now, Chimney and Buck both work at the Fire Station 118 in LA. Maddie, portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt, is a former nurse turned dispatcher. Love Hewitt joined the cast in season two. Her character moved to Los Angeles to escape her abusive husband. Buck already was there.

So what was the big family secret? Maddie and Buck had a brother named Daniel. But Buck never knew about him. Daniel had leukemia and neither Maddie nor her parents were a bone marrow match for Daniel. So Maddie’s mother got pregnant with Buck. But while Buck was a match, the bone marrow didn’t work for Daniel, who died. The family moved away because they didn’t want to be judged about the circumstances of Buck’s birth. As Buck grows up, he becomes more of a daredevil to get his parents’ attention.

Now, flash forward back to current 9-1-1 times. Maddie and Chimney were married and Maddie gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Jee-Yun. As season five opens, Maddie still is dealing with overwhelming postpartum depression. She drops off Jee at the 118 station and leaves Chimney a video message. She tells him “You don’t need to go to the police or come looking for me. I’m not in any danger and no one is making me do this. But Jee is not safe with me.”

In Monday’s episode, Chimney, along with his baby daughter, are on a cross-country trip looking for Maddie. Buck figured out that his sister likely is in Boston, where she lived when he was married to her first husband.

Chimney runs into Eli, an old friend. And the 9-1-1 paramedic opens up about what’s happening with Maddie.

“She was struggling,” Chimney tells Eli. “I felt like there wasn’t anything I could do other than drive her to her appointments or remind her to take her pills.”

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