‘9-1-1’: Why Ryan Guzman Calls the Show’s Writers the ‘Heaven and Earth’ of the Show

by Taylor Cunningham

The talented writers of Fox’s 9-1-1 have the final say in the series. So, the actors do their best to please them. At least, that’s what Ryan Guzman says.

The writers are pretty much in control of everything,” he says. “The writers are heaven and earth to the show so we try to do our best job to emulate whatever they want.”

During a 2019 interview with Anthem, the actor spoke about his character’s battle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In the series, Guzman plays Eddie Diaz, a war veteran who suffered unrevealed tragedies during a tour in Afghanistan.

But despite his PTSD, Eddie is a good-natured, level-headed firefighter. And Ryan Guzman is “very happy” about his storyline because the writers could have taken a more stereotypical route and painted the soldier as a villain.

The actor has played soldiers on TV and in movies in the past. And some of them have had PSTD just as Eddie does. But those characters weren’t always portrayed positively.

Moreso, Ryan Guzman is thrilled that the 9-1-1 writers understand that not every case of PTSD presents itself the same way.

“There’s someone in my family who was in the military with PTSD,” he shared. “There are degrees of it.”

When it comes to Eddie Diaz, Guzman believes his disorder “is more introverted.” And like many veterans, Eddie joined the fire department for the “rush.”

As the actor shared, a lot of soldiers who are coming home from Afghanistan to become firefighters or police officers do it for the adrenaline because “they’re not producing enough endorphins just living their day-to-day lives.” And those intense, high-risk careers give them a jolt.

“I think that’s what Eddie has done,” he shared. “He came back from the war in which he had to save his own convoy. It’s not easy to integrate back into civilian life. He needs something to calm his nerves. With him, it’s the action that calms him the most, I think.”

Ryan Guzman Loves Filming Dangerous Scenes on ‘9-1-1’

In order to film all those action-packed scenes we love on 9-1-1, the stars have to do some crazy stunts. Sometimes, they have to work around real flames or dangle from dangerous heights.

Some actors may hate risking their lives on the job, but Ryan Guzman doesn’t. He welcomes the opportunity to knock on death’s door.

“I’m definitely into the action part of this show, for sure,” Guzman admitted. “I love every bit of what we get to do.”

As Guzman told Anthem Magazine, he’s filmed in some wild situations. But his favorite scene was the earthquake episode in 2018.

“We got to rappel and stuff,” he said“They pretty much built a penthouse where it would tilt 30 degrees on a two-story gimbal. So we were doing the lines and acting like real firefighters, climbing upstairs that were burning—again, on a 30-degree tilt.”