‘9-1-1’: Will Buck Face More Heartbreak in the Near Future?

by Joe Rutland

It’s been a tough go recently for Evan “Buck” Buckley on “9-1-1.” Now we want to know if the firefighter is going to face more heartbreak?

According to CinemaBlend, Buck, played by Oliver Stark, on the Fox TV first responder drama, we’ll have to watch what happens between him and Taylor Kelly, played by Megan West.

While being out on assignment to quell a prison riot, Buck was dinged in the head before a hostage situation was resolved. Once it was, he went home to Taylor. But he walked in and noticed her talking on the phone and was amped up. She told the person on the phone, “Tell him to call me later, and maybe I’ll answer.” 

‘9-1-1’ Character Buck Happens To Walk In On Taylor Having Deep Phone Chat

Taylor saw Buck on “9-1-1” and stuffed that phone in her back pocket. Nothing seemed too untoward. There appeared to be both guilt and a touch of anger within her.

Now Taylor wanted to hear about the case. Buck tells her and she wants to get the full recap.

Eddie Diaz, played by Ryan Guzman, reminds “9-1-1” viewers that Taylor is a reporter. That comes in the middle of that hostage situation.

Buck is trusting Taylor but all that might backfire on him.

He went through some things while breaking with Abby Clark, played by Connie Britton. But a betrayal from Taylor would hurt his heart.

Catch a new episode of “9-1-1” next Monday on your Fox network station, Outsiders.

Fans Started Wondering If Jennifer Love Hewitt Was Leaving Show

Fans are watching the Buck-Taylor drama on their screens. But some are wondering if Jennifer Love Hewitt, who plays Maddie Buckley, was leaving the show.

Maddie has been struggling and wasn’t able to deal with them anymore in a recent episode of 9-1-1. She leaves her baby Jee-Yun at a firehouse, then says in a video Jee-Yun is not safe with her mother. Then Maddie disappeared.

No word from the show about Hewitt’s status.

The actress, though, talked about getting back into acting. She did so in a 2018 interview with the Los Angeles Times. Hewitt, asked how she’d be a real operator in life, said, “I’d be such a nervous Nelly. I’d panic. I’d be the worst 9-1-1 operator. What they do is amazing. The pressure they are under and their ability to stay calm so that they can get someone the help they need is incredible.”

Now she did take time away from acting. Her mom died from cancer in 2012. “I needed to become a new mom [and] needed to learn how to be a wife,” Hewitt said. Keep watching and see if Hewitt hands around on the show.