‘A Christmas Story’ Sequel Is Coming to HBO Max, Peter Billingsley’s Ralphie Set to Return

by Courtney Blackann

The best Christmas movie to ever come into our homes is making a comeback! “A Christmas Story” is a fan favorite. And the best part is that Ralphie himself (Peter Billingsly) is going to be involved in the project. All you Red Ryder BB gun enthusiasts listen up – you’ll want to know all the details regarding this one.

Though Christmas and the winter holidays have passed us by, Deadline reports that Billingsly signed on to make a sequel to the original film (please, please, please don’t screw it up for us fans!) The film which will be entitled “A Christmas Story Christmas” is set to release exclusively on HBO Max.

Further, Nick Schenk, who wrote the script, will also executive produce the film. Clay Kaytis is set to direct, the news outlet reports.

Additionally, Billingsley will also be a producer along with Vince Vaughn. And production will begin in February in Bulgaria, of all places.

The story will follow an adult Ralphie (will he still go by Ralphie or just Ralph?) as he navigates his own family and re-develops his relationships with childhood friends along Cleveland Street. The new film will also detail Ralphie’s life as he navigates the passing of his dad, the ‘Old Man.’

The film doesn’t have a release date quite yet, but we’d imagine that it will be ready by the 2022 holidays. And fans couldn’t be more excited about the news! Hopefully, it’ll be a mix of a modern, hilarious script with a throwback to the original picture.

“A Christmas Story Christmas” Follows an Adult Ralphie

Since his days on “A Christmas Story,” Billingsley has starred in a number of roles including the Christmas favorite “Elf” as a lovable elf in the North Pole alongside Will Ferrell.

He also produced and directed “A Christmas Story The Musical” which debuted on Broadway and received acclaim for its production and acting. The show also received a Tony nomination for Best Musical.

The original story followed a young Ralphie as he navigates bullies, appeasing his Old Man, the woes of being a big brother and adjusting to growing up. There’s also the matter of his love of westerns. Ralphie dreamed of a Red Ryder BB Gun and asked a scary Santa for it. Most adults laughed and scoffed at the idea. The famous “you’ll shoot your eye out” has never left the hearts of fans.

However, in the end, Ralphie’s family buys him the gun he coveted for so long. This is only after a series of embarrassing gifts on Christmas morning, including the pink bunny suit his mother adored.

The sequel is sure to be spectacular with a blue-eyes Billingsley coming back to reprise the role. As production on the new film continues, we will follow along for updates as well as release dates.

So fans of this magical Christmas movie should high-tail it to their streaming devices and download HBO Max – just in case you don’t already have a subscription!