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Aaron Carter’s Family Calls for Murder Investigation Amidst String of Inconsistencies

by TK Sanders

Aaron Carter’s mother caused quite a stir last week when she posted pictures from her son’s death scene on social media. She also called for cops to open a murder investigation, claiming to have the support of other family members. However, many fans weren’t sure what to make of the situation, given her estranged relationship with her son, as well as public comments about a possible overdose made by Carter’s fiancé.

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Now, both Carter’s fiancé and his mother are seemingly in agreement, and they’re each calling for police to further investigate the truth.

Carter’s fiancé, Melanie Martin, also shares a son with the late pop star. According to her recent statements, she’s seen a lot of inconsistencies looking back, and wants a murder investigation.

“I want to know what really happened so I can focus on raising our son Prince without constantly losing sleep on what happened to his father every night,” she told The Sun. “Aaron had a lot of death threats and many, many people who were making his life miserable.”

Carter was found dead in the bathtub of his Lancaster, Calif., home by his housekeeper on November 5, 2022. Martin also noted that cops never really investigated Carter’s death, nor even presented a cause of death.

“[Police] never investigated it as a possible crime scene because of his addiction past,” she said.

Aaron Carter’s dog was allegedly locked in the bathroom with him during his final hours, but never soiled the floor, which Carter found extremely strange

In the final days leading up to Carter’s death, Martin actually called the police for a welfare check. Cops pulled Carter over while driving his RV, but determined he wasn’t under the influence and was fine to drive. The story allegedly became a hot-button subject between the couple, prompting Martin to stay with her family for a few days with their son.

Martin says Carter didn’t act like himself at all in the ensuing days: he apparently made a trip to Walmart, which was very unusual since he didn’t like running errands because of his anxiety. He also didn’t use his cell phone at all in his final 24 hours; family later recovered it in his car post mortem.

Furthermore, Carter never took baths (but was found in the tub), and always locked the door while in the bathroom (the door wasn’t locked when he died). Police did find a pill bottle near the tub, but no evidence of foul play. But since the coroner has yet to release a cause of death, the family waits with bated breath to get a better idea of what happened to Carter. He was 34 years old.