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Aaron Carter’s Mom Reveals Shocking Photos Surrounding Son’s Death, Calls Out Police

by Joe Rutland
aaron carter photo
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

The mother of late singer Aaron Carter has released some rather shocking photos surrounding her son’s death. Jane Carter also is calling out the police. She accuses them of failing to investigate Aaron’s “potential homicide” and numerous “death threats.”

Jane Carter posted the five graphic images on Wednesday, including some seemingly showing feces smeared across clothing and the bathroom floor. There also is a photo of a bathtub filled with green water. That’s where the 34-year-old body of Aaron Carter sat for hours after his Nov. 5 death.

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His mom said her moves were part of her “still trying to get a real investigation for the death of my son.” She wrote alongisde the photos, “I want to share these death scene photos with you all because the coroner wrote it off as an accidental drug overdose.”

Aaron Carter’s Mother Said Police Did Not Investigate His Death As Possible Crime Scene

“They never investigated it as a possible crime scene because of his addiction past,” Jane Carter claimed of Aaron Carter. He struggled with addiction and mental health issues.

“Look at the photos. They were not taken by the police. But they allowed people to go in and out,” she said of Aaron Carter’s home in Lancaster, California, where people were allowed to “tromp through.” Jane Carter said that “potential homicide information was there for years.”

“Aaron had a lot of death threats and many many people who were making his life miserable,” she wrote. Jane Carter believes that Aaron Carter did not die of an overdose.

Jane Carter Asked Why Photos Showed ‘Towels Perfectly Placed’

In a follow-up post, Jane Carter asked why the pics showed “towels perfectly placed” even though the maid who found the body of Aaron Carter “supposedly dragged him out of the bathtub and gave him CPR!!! A proper investigation was not done,” she stated firmly. the New York Post reports.

The images brought disgust from many of Aaron Carter’s fans. But his mother said that she was “totally supported by the family and friends who know I had to post the awful photos.

“It’s because we are not and have not been taken seriously by Law Enforcement,” Jane Carter said. “Because of my son’s mental illness and prescription drug issues, they just wanted it to be something easy that they didn’t have the time or inclination to address,” she complained in another post.

“We want answers. We want justice. There are people who must be held accountable.” The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office ruled out drowning. It did not find water in Aaron Carter’s lungs.