ABC Chief Weighs In On How Long Jimmy Kimmel Will Continue Late Night Show

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Media Access Awards Presented By Easterseals/Getty Images for Easterseals)

The hit nighttime talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been on the air for nearly 20 years and now ABC chief, Craig Erwich, is weighing in on how much longer will the show last. 

According to Variety, the ABC Entertainment President declared that Jimmy Kimmel may keep his late-night talk show for however long he wants. There hasn’t been a cap as to how many seasons the show has. “Jimmy is the king of late-night,” Erwich stated during his executive session panel at ABC’s first of two days of presentations at the virtual Television Critics Association’s winter press tour. 

Also during the session, Erwich claimed that Jimmy Kimmel is the longest-running late-night show host on the air. “We will have a Jimmy for as many seasons as he wants to be on the air,” Erwich continues. He also said Kimmel’s tribute to the late Bob Saget is a great example of how unique Kimmel really is. 

“It was both funny and heart-warming,” Erwich stated about Jimmy Kimmel’s Saget tribute. “I thought it was really a beautiful and very touching speech. We love Jimmy. Not just as a host. But as a producer. He was obviously behind ‘Live in Front of a Studio Audience.’”

Also speaking about Live in Front of a Studio Audience, Erwich noted that there are more versions of the show ahead of the network. “I’m excited for when Jimmy and Norman are ready to discuss more. But we’re certainly open to more.”

Jimmy Kimmel Spoke About How Late Night Host Competition Has Changed Throughout the Years 

While visiting the YouTube series Hot Ones in September 2021, Jimmy Kimmel revealed how competition between him and the other late-night talk show hosts has changed throughout the years. His fellow competitors include Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert. 

“For me, I know a lot of things have changed,” Jimmy Kimmel explained. “I used to have terrible guests for the most part. I wouldn’t even get Joe Millionaire. I’d get like the girl he rejected fourth of the season.”

Jimmy Kimmel also stated that it’s a little bit competitive with the other late-night talk shows because everyone wants to get the guests first. “But we’ve worked out such an arrangement now that it’s like, ‘Alright, you get Jennifer Aniston first this time. Next time, whoever it is.’”

Jimmy Kimmel also describes the late-night talk show environment as being friendlier than it used to be. “I think part of that’s because most people don’t want our shows at 11:35. They watch them online whenever they feel like it. So you don’t have to really choose between shows. You can watch all of them.”