‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown Shows Us How to Perfectly Chop a Log

by Michael Freeman

As odd as it may sound, there’s a certain sense of pride and satisfaction from perfectly splitting a log. Clearly feeling the same way, Alaskan Bush People alum Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown posted a video showing everyone how it’s done.

Posting the video to his TikTok, Brown chops a log straight down the middle, sending both halves careening off to the side. Though only lasting a few seconds, there’s something almost hypnotizing about the sound repeating the way it does.


Just something satisfying about chopping wood. #respectthedanger #alaskanbushpeople

♬ original sound – Respectthedanger

“Just something satisfying about chopping wood. #respectthedanger #alaskanbushpeople,” the caption reads. Being the show’s premise is the Browns detaching themselves from society and surviving the wilderness, it’s a crucial skill to have.

Commenters clearly enjoy it as well, with one saying “That sound is one I can listen to all day!!!” I’m inclined to agree. Someone else asks if he’s getting for winter while another notes it’s great for relieving stress.

Considering the huge piles to Brown’s left, right, and behind him, he’s either stockpiling or had a bad day.

Matt Brown from ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Prepares for Hunting Season

While one Brown is chopping wood, another is loading up. Fellow Alaskan Bush People alum Matt Brown is taking aim and preparing for hunting season.

Posting a video of his endeavor to YouTube, Matt decides it’s time to bring out the pump-action rifle to practice. Rather than going to a gun range or shooting gallery, he opts to create his own. Using a fallen tree, some apples, and water jugs, he shows off some of that Alaskan Bush People ingenuity. Working at the orchard, the apples serve as good targets and a tasty snack, should he need it.

Placing some apples on top of the gallons of water, he moves a good ways away to set up. Propping his rifle onto his backpack and setting up a tarp, he takes his time before each shot. In addition to showing the apples exploding and telling where they hit, he includes slow-motion to really emphasize the shots.

A little over halfway through the video, Matt claims he “feels good about deer season.” He also mentions cleaning his rifle, counting his ammo, and packing everything up.

Rounding out the video, Matt reminds everyone to practice firearm safety. “Well, this video was a whole lot of fun to make. I hope that everybody’s enjoyed it, and I need to remind everybody, be sure when we’re using firearms, we always practice proper gun safety,” the Alaskan Bush People star stressed.

“Watch where we’re firing our ammo, make sure that nobody is around that would be in danger. Make sure that we’re familiar with the firearm that we’re using. And remember, it’s always acceptable to ask for help if we don’t know something.”