‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Celebrates Another Snowfall

by Amy Myers
(Photo By Harold Hoch/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

Another day, another cheery video from Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown. But unlike the majority of his videos, Brown’s latest recording didn’t revolve around a new communication or coping technique that he learned from recovery. Instead, he simply wanted to show his fans the beauty of the snow-covered terrain around his house, especially for those who have never seen a snowflake, themselves.

Dressed in a Santa hat, the Alaskan Bush People star walked outside his house to chat with fans about the weather and the condition of the snow. According to Brown, the flakes weren’t very light and fluffy, so the detail of the white landscape didn’t show very well on his camera. However, the precipitation was dense enough for snowball- and snowman-making. He also gave a close-up of the few flakes that fell on his shoulder to demonstrate the texture of each flake. From just those few moments, the snow collected quickly.

“It sure is nice,” the former Alaskan Bush People star reflected. “I like the crispness of the air and the way that kind of feels like… winter’s all around me.”

“It’s a really nice day here,” he concluded.

Check out the snowy scene in Brown’s clip below.

Fans Vow to Get ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star to the Top of the Nice List

Brown’s gesture was not lost on his fans. Many came to the comments with messages of gratitude for sharing the snowy afternoon with them.

“This is beautiful,” one follower wrote. “Thanks for sharing this Matt! I live down south where it doesn’t snow & this is a real treat for me.”

Others that were more familiar with the freezing weather commended the Alaskan Bush People alum for his dedication to his fans. One even promised to tell the big man in the red suit about his recent good deeds.

“Im definitely telling santa this man has been sooo nice all year round w a heart as big as the sun and gives us his best over and over a true spirit,” the fan wrote.

Brown Brings the Snow Indoors

During another instance of snowfall, the Alaskan Bush People star showed fans how he decorated his house. Last week, Brown found himself a Christmas tree on his boss’ property and trimmed it with twinkling lights and tinsel. Meanwhile, he also decked out his ceiling with some homemade trinkets. Using some copier paper and scissors, Brown made a few intricate snowflakes to hang in his living room.

Although simplistic, the decor seemed to bring a greater sense of holiday spirit to the Alaskan Bush People alum.