‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Enjoys a ‘Lovely Little Snow Day’ with Fans

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by: VW PICS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People‘s Matt Brown is spreading Christmas cheer as best he can by “helping and caring” for his fans around the globe.

“Hi friends!” begins Matt Brown with his traditional opening. “I’m having a lovely little snow day here and want to say hi really quick :) !” he captions his latest video update to Instagram. Indeed, Matt is back for another discussion with fans. Every week, the former Alaskan Bush People star looks to help others who have struggled in life (as he has) the best he can. Truly, Matt is a wonderful reminder of the good social media can do.

“I’m hanging snowflakes right now and watching a couple of movies; The Grinch right now,” he shares as he shows off the paper snowflakes he’s cut out. Which leads into the real message about halfway into his video. “I wanted to share something important and helpful,” Matt continues as his eyes begin to tear up.

“I wanted to say how important it is… For us to not be too hard on ourselves, right? We’re all special people with our own ways of being. Our own understandings and life experiences. Just like a snowflake, we’re all completely unique, right?” Matt says as he pans around to the snowflakes he’s cut and hung around his house. It’s truly worth watching, as Matt’s joy and sense of caring is infectious.

“I’m here and I’m thinking about you guys,” Matt offers. “Christmas is going to be wonderful.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Shower Matt Brown with Christmas Cheer

And as always, Matt Brown‘s fans are eager to communicate after he reaches out to them.

“You are so creative Matt,” replies Alaskan Bush People fan Patricia. “It’s so wonderful what you are doing… Snowflakes! I’m happy that you are safe and warm and that you enjoy your time . You are a wonderful person Matt. Never forget it. Have fun outside! And enjoy this wonderful Christmas time.”

Hundreds of kind responses shower in like snowflakes. As Matt spreads joy, others do so in return. It truly is the most generous and giving comments section on all of Instagram.

“Love the creativity in the many snowflakes,” echoes follower Anne. “Decorating with a personal flair, of Christmas now and yet to come. Thank you for sharing and saying hi. Laters Matt!”

“Good evening from here!” offers fellow Alaskan Bush People fan Tiffany. The snow flakes are wonderful! We‘re all unique, different, special like them, that’s a good way to explain I think. It’s good to see you happy and looking forward to the snow to come tomorrow. I hope we’ll get some more so we can build something or go sledding. We‘ll see. Have a wonderful rest of the day and a good night later!”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Alaskan Bush People fans! Let’s continue to spread that kindness like good ol’ Matt Brown.