‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Has a Technological Issue

by Quentin Blount

Former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown isn’t letting the differences in his family bring down his spirits around the holidays.

If you don’t know, Matt Brown is the oldest of the seven Brown children. He often takes to his personal Instagram account to share updates in his life with his fans and followers. However, he has been struggling to do so as of late, thanks to a technological issue with his phone.

“Hey, friends! I have got to do this video very quickly,” Brown says in his most recent video. “I’m having serious problems with my phone battery. It just keeps going down even when I have it charged. I’m probably going to have to order a new one. I wanted to do a quick video and say, ‘hey.’ And let everybody know that I’m doing well out here. I had a very nice day.”

Have you been following along with Matt Brown and the rest of the Alaskan Bush People crew? If so, then you know that he has dealt with his fair share of personal issues and that he is not on the best terms with his family. Even so, he was still able to enjoy Thanksgiving with some of the local friends that he has made.

“My friend the old cowboy brought over some leftover pies from Thanksgiving, so that’s really cool. His wife cooks them from scratch. They’re amazing.”

In addition, Brown said that he has a leftover turkey that’s in the oven. His friend brought him the 14-pound bird. What else did the former Alaskan Bush People star do for the holiday? He watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Listen in to everything that Matt Brown has to say down below:

“Hi friends. I’m having problems with my phone battery right now. So this is a quick check-in video.”

Be On the Lookout for More Videos from the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum

Another cool thing about Matt Brown is that he enjoys putting together educational videos. He even has his own YouTube channel where he posts cool how-to videos. With that said, he already has his next project in mind.

“Later on this holiday season I want to do some more videos on recovery,” he said. “Not only abstinence-based recovery but psychological recovery too. Because the holiday seasons can be lonely for a lot of people or triggering.”

To that end, Brown says that he is thinking about trying to find the tools that he was taught about in rehab to use during holidays and family events. His initial idea is to make a 12-part series of videos titled, “The 12 Recovery Days of Christmas” or something along those lines.