‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Matt Brown Reveals Unique Way He Keeps His Strength

by Hannah Heser

With the new year just starting off, Alaskan Bush People alum Matt Brown decides to take this opportunity to share his fitness plan with fans. Any Matt Brown fans know that he’s a fitness junkie. Are you ready to find out the secret to staying fit, especially in the winter?

Before he began his fitness lesson, he says what he does while editing videos.

“Hi friends, I’m just sitting here editing on my computer and I’m so happy with my way this christmas video is. It really turned out well and I’m so glad that everybody is enjoying it so much. I finally learned how to work on my computer in a way that lets me get out longer videos.”

While editing the videos, he sits at his desk and eats Cheetos. I mean, who doesn’t love to snack on cheetos while working on a project? It’s the perfect snack!

Additionally, he moves on to his secret for living a healthy life. Any guesses as to what it might be?

Matt Brown Reveals a Unique Exciting Way to Remain Fit

Firstly, he mentions that our environment is one of the most important things for our mental health. For instance, environment, diet and exercise really help our ability to pay attention. Also, if you want to see Brown lift a rock above his head at the beginning, check out the video below. It is very impressive!

In the clip, he says if your environment is messy then your mind is messy too. This is because all of the stress makes him think about it more than usual.

“On top of that, I wind up thinking about the work it’s going to take to clean up my messy environment,” he adds.

Overall, organizing your surroundings and eating healthy foods will help you focus more in whatever you do. And if you’re struggling with any of this, don’t be afraid to ask for help. That was something even Brown struggled with in the past.

“The hardest thing for me in the past was asking for that help. In order to learn we have to have that experience. And to gain that experience, lots of times we need help.”

So, what are you waiting for Outsiders? Start your new year off right.

Brown Wants Fans to Know the Importance of Reflection

Throughout life, we struggle with many things. Sometimes it might be hard to please others while taking care of yourself.

Last year, Brown revealed that the right thing to do is to stop and think about the problem. Then solve the issue. And don’t ever hesitate to ask for help.