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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Addresses Internet Critics ‘Making Fun of’ Family

by Amy Myers
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Yesterday, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown came out with an Instagram post that shocked many of his fans. The self-claimed “King of Extreme” took a moment to discuss the issue of “railing kill/reality observer” in which some users joked about the death of Brown’s father as well as their family pet.

Now, the reality star has posted a sequel to the first post. In it, he discussed how the issue has affected his family. Brown also touched on how the “culprit” responded to his targeted address. According to the Alaskan Bush People star, the issue wasn’t that people were making fun of his family. Rather, it was the jokes about his late father.

“I have removed my previous posts,” the Alaskan Bush People star explained. “Most of the comments and website have been removed. Making fun of my family is something that has come from the start, but when I’m reading jokes about my dad’s death it is too far.”

Along with the explanation, Brown also posted another selfie. But rather than the straight face that he showed last time, this photo had the hint of a smile. You can request to follow Brown’s account here to see the full post.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Asks Fans to ‘Leave It Be’

Thankfully for Brown, it seems that the issue fixed itself following his initial post. The person in question seemed to take responsibility for their insensitive comments. As a result, the Alaskan Bush People star deemed the matter resolved.

“At this point, it looks as if the culprit has seen the comments and maybe seen what I hoped he would, that what he was doing is widely agreed to be wrong and maybe change his perspective, I’m not sure if that happened or not,” the Alaskan Bush People star continued. “But the page was removed and that is all I can hope for. I don’t care when I’m made fun of and my family rarely says anything, but this was just too far and something needed to be said.”

However, there was one final problem that Brown hoped to address in his Instagram post. While most of the reactions he received from yesterday’s post were supportive, some fans went so far as to attack the person they thought was behind the jokes about Billy. Bear Brown made it clear that this wasn’t his intention.

“On that note please do not seek out this person,” the Alaskan Bush People star requested. “Please leave it be I appreciate the support more than you know! But the problem has hopefully been resolved and bullying is what I stand against not for, the only thing I asked anyone to do was report him not harass or bully, my apologies if I did not make that clear enough in my post!”