‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Carrying ‘Bush’ Lifestyle as a Father After Dad Billy Brown’s Death

by Courtney Blackann

The entire Brown family of the “Alaskan Bush People” series are avid farmers and survivalists. This is all thanks to their late father, Billy Brown. He shared everything he knew with his sons and daughters all while teaching them to be self-sufficient and respectful of others. Bear Brown is now sharing that he wants to be the same kind of father.

The Browns have also always been extremely close, making Billy Brown’s passing that much more difficult. But passing on the ‘Bush’ lifestyle is a way to remember and honor their father, 34-year-old Bear Brown said.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Brown shared that he wants his own children to learn like he did. And that means instilling values that he grew up learning.

“I would say the main thing would be the Bush code. That is saying to treat everyone how you want to be treated and to live free and be free. Mom and dad always taught us to have respect for everything and every living thing. I want to try and pass on the freedom that my parents instilled in me. My father was always smiling in the face of danger,” Bear Brown said.

Billy Brown passed away from a fatal seizure in February, leaving behind his six children and wife, Ami. The death impacted the family in more ways than one. The Browns had to learn to run the estate without their patriarch and leader.

“Alaskan Bush People” Star Loves Role as Dad

Bear Brown has since shared how his dad impacted his life and how he wants to emulate that in his own children.

“It is like I never expected. Being a dad myself is quite a privilege. There is a lot that you have to live up to. I want to make sure that you do everything right. But it is a really cool feeling to be a dad and that he will grow up and have kids of his own. He is 18 months old now. I just took him to my first water park. My first water park too actually. I am still kind of getting used to all of it to be honest. But I learned from best,” Bear says.

While the Brown family will have to go on without Billy, they at least have each other and the life he helped to build. But the children will always remember him. and how he helped prepare them for life.

“Looking back, Dad knew his time in this world was coming to an end, and we can see now he was laying out a plan for us, preparing us to achieve the vision,” Snowbird Brown said. “If only we understood his plan sooner. Life now is unlike anything we’ve faced before. We’ll never give up our fight for total freedom, but can we do it without Dad?”