‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Explains Why Show Aired Billy Brown’s Death

by Evan Reier

Since the tragic passing of family patriarch Billy Brown, the Alaskan Bush People family has been grieving and finding closure.

It’s hard to properly describe what Billy meant to the Brown family. The loss of a father is always tragic, but the Alaskan Bush People aren’t your average family. Billy Brown taught his children how to survive on their own in the brutal environment of Alaska.

While the kids are grown and can support themselves, it’s still a giant obstacle to overcome. Ask Bear Brown. The 34-year-old opened up to HollywoodLife about the passing of his dad, specifically why the show decided to air his passing and subsequent grieving.

The primary reason? It’s what Billy would’ve wanted.

“Dad loved the show and he loved the people so much,” Brown said. “We think that the fans and everyone that loves the show deserves to see everything and to see his funeral and all. We discussed whether or not to include it and we felt like we should include it for sure because we believe that is what Dad would want. I am doing alright. You think that you understand loss. I am just trying to keep one foot in front of the other.”

It’s hard to put yourself in the position of the Browns. But the fact of the matter is that the show was spearheaded by Billy Brown. Ignoring or limiting coverage related to his death would rob fans of his story ending.

Filming ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Episode Was Difficult for Bear Brown

Just because the family and show made the decision to include Billy Brown’s death doesn’t mean it wasn’t easy.

That’s the beauty of Alaskan Bush People. Fans have seen the immense highs and lows of the Brown family as they navigate life after an upbringing like no other. However, recording the show while dealing with Billy Brown’s death was easily the most difficult episode Bear Brown has ever filmed.

“That was the hardest episode I have ever filmed,” Brown said. “I broke down several times during the filming of this. My dad meant so much to me. I should have seen it coming because he had failing health for a while. It just seemed really sudden and out of the blue.”

All the same, Bear Brown and the rest of the family were able to press on and tribute their father.

Brown’s words about it being “sudden” are especially heartbreaking. Sure, failing health can prepare you for the eventuality of someone’s passing, but the moment they’re gone is something you can’t prepare for.