‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Says He’s Missing His Late Dad Alongside Heartwarming Photo of Parents

by Jon D. B.

The latest update from Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown shows a beautiful moment between his mother, Ami, and late father, Billy Brown.

“I miss him SO much!!!!” Bear posts to his Instagram Monday. The photo within is a touching glimpse of the love Billy and Ami shared. The two are smiling into one another’s eyes as they grin ear-to-ear. Both led crazy lives together, but nothing can overshadow the true love these two clearly held for one another. This love, too, was passed on to their children. Each cherished the Alaskan Bush People patriarch as their hero, idol, and father.

Unfortunately, we cannot embed the photo for you here as Bear Brown’s Instagram is set to private. We can, however, link you directly to the photo here. Give Bear a follow, and you’ll be able to see this latest photo and all others he posts.

Photo by Getty Images

“I miss seeing him on the show… I feel your loss, I lost my mom to non small cell lung cancer recently & lost my younger sister to metastatic breast cancer recently…Grieving sucks… Y’all are in my prayers,” offers Alaskan Bush People fan Shelley.

“He was an amazing man & not only did he teach you kids, but all of us who have watched since Season 1,” echoes fan Kelly. “He was wise & kind. His words will live on through everyone he touched. Big hugs to you all & a extra big hug for your ma.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Support Bear Brown as He Continues to Struggle with Loss of His Father

“Dear Bear. I know your feelings,” begins another fan, Gitte. “Everyday it seems the pain is becoming more and more. With little things. But at one day … you get up with a little smile and you give a big handkiss to the sky. Take care.”

Comments like these are pouring in for Bear Brown in his time of need. Billy Brown passed away back in February of 2021, but as someone who also lost their father and hero recently, it’s a pain that does not go away with any hurry.

Many Alaskan Bush People fans are experiencing the same. “My mom passed unexpectedly about 2 years ago. I get it. I understand she’s always with me but it’s not the same,” offers fan Nicole. “I’m sending my love to you and your family. The holidays can be challenging. God bless y’all.”

“Hugs man! “Grief is the price of love..” Keep on LIVIN & enjoying LIFE! No matter the circumstances. May you find comfort & peace,” echoes fan Elle.

Outsider sends all their best to Bear Brown and the Alaskan Bush People family as they continue to navigate life without the late Billy Brown.