‘Alaskan Bush People’: Brown Family Recalls Billy Brown’s Final Moments in Heartbreaking Clip

by Courtney Blackann

We all learned of the “Alaskan Bush People’s” patriarch Billy Brown’s death earlier this year. However, this upcoming Sunday, the show will air his final moments and the Brown family’s tragic goodbyes. In a clip on Instagram, the show shared some moments from the episode. Get ready to cry because it’s definitely difficult to watch.

In February 2021, Billy Brown had a seizure and died in the Brown family home. His death was determined to be from coronary artery disease and heart failure. The man was 68. His wife, Ami, was left in charge of the family’s large estate.

During the attempted save on his life, medical experts tried to resuscitate Brown for several minutes before calling in a helicopter to rush him to the hospital. However, when the medics arrived, they told the family he was not in good enough condition to make the ride.

This was also the moment they told the “Alaskan Bush People” stars they needed to say their goodbyes.

“They couldn’t continue to do CPR on him and take him somewhere because his heart wouldn’t beat on its own,” daughter Rain Brown emotionally shares in the clip. “And so they told us while he was still alive that we should say our goodbyes.”

The video clip shows Rain continuing to break down and cry, trying as best as she can to stifle her sobs.

“Billy’s Passing | Alaskan Bush People. The Browns must face the unthinkable after the tragic loss of the family patriarch. Help say goodbye to Billy on a special and emotional episode of #AlaskanBushPeople Sunday at 8p on @discovery and @discoveryplus,” the video is captioned.

“Alaskan Bush People” Star Says Goodbye to Her Husband

Brown’s wife Ami said she recalls how Billy looked at her and told her he loved her the last time he was conscious. She said Billy leaned against her hand and smiled.

Through tears, the “Alaskan Bush Star” says she knew the moment her husband’s spirit was gone when snow softly started falling on the mountain as he closed his eyes and laid his head into her hand.

The incredibly tragic demise of Billy Brown is something the family has been reeling from for several months now. Though some have questioned it, the family knew Billy Brown would want this part of the story shared with the “Alaskan Bush People” audience.

“Dad loved the show and he loved the people so much,” Bear Brown said. “We think that the fans and everyone that loves the show deserves to see everything and to see his funeral and all. We discussed whether or not to include it and we felt like we should include it for sure because we believe that is what Dad would want. I am doing alright. You think that you understand loss. I am just trying to keep one foot in front of the other.”