‘Alaskan Bush People’: Brown Family Struggles With Dad Billy Brown’s Death in Preview of New Episode

by Jon D. B.

Although the Alaskan Bush People patriarch died back in February 2021, the events surrounding his passing are just now coming to light as part of Season 13.

“Part of me is afraid I won’t be able to live up to be as good of dad as my dad was for me,” Bear Brown tells the crew in this preview for the latest episode. It’s hard to watch, as the young man is still in a state of heavy grieving over the loss of his beloved father, Billy Brown.

“Da was always there for me no matter what,” Bear continues, fighting back tears. “You know, even if I messed something up… Da was always there. Always there. He always knew just what to say. I would definitely like to be like that for my son, as well,” he says of his little firstborn, River Brown.

“I would only hope that River would look at me the same way as I look at my dad.”

Carrying Billy Brown’s Legacy | Alaskan Bush People. Bear says goodbye to his father Billy as he contemplates the type of dad he wants to be for his son River. Join us for an emotional new #AlaskanBushPeople tonight at 8p on @discovery and @discoveryplus.

Alaskan Bush People

As the Brown family grieves, their eldest brother, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, is nowhere to be found.

“Everybody deals with this sort of thing differently. We’ve never experienced a loss quite so great before,” Bear tells his sisters Snowbird and Rain. Hours before the funeral, the three sit around a fire in the Alaskan snow. Bear has received a call from his brother letting everyone know he’s okay. But he can’t face the house or his family without their father around.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 13 Delves Deep into Loss and Grief

“He just can’t be around everyone right now,” Bear says of Joshua.

“You know, Bam seems to be taking dad passing very, very difficultly,” Snowbird adds for the crew. “We all are, but Bam can’t even come to the house.”

Birdie is “definitely worried” about her older brother. She feels he needs to let his family in to help him heal, rather than shutting them out.

“I understand needing some space, to some extent, just to be able to feel what you’re feeling without everybody else,” she tells Bear. “But I feel like… Bam just shouldn’t be out there by himself.”

Through it all, Rain stares into the fire, unable to speak. As with all of her siblings, Billy Brown’s passing was truly devastating for the young woman. She and her father were immensely close. He even promised her she would be the one to name their family dog when he came home as a puppy. And she did exactly that, bringing Mr. Cupcake into the world of Alaskan Bush People.

Horribly, the family would lose their beloved dog, too, just days prior to Billy’s passing. Season 13 is undoubtedly the most emotional of any Alaskan Bush People viewing, but one fans truly can’t miss.