‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Are Excited Over Bam Bam Brown’s TikTok

by Amy Myers

Recently, Alaskan Bush People star Bam Bam Brown has begun to open up more about himself and his thoughts on social media, and fans are happy to see him begin to come out of his shell.

While Bam Bam has always been on social media, he hasn’t always been very vocal. Instead, he prefers to share photos of the animals on his ranch or videos of his latest construction projects without much text. Now, though, as he continues to process the tragic loss of his father, the eldest Alaskan Bush People sibling wanted to share his appreciation for the fans that have stood by his family’s side through their struggles.

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you,” Bam said in a recent TikTok post. “Thank you very much for the love, the prayers, and the support that y’all have shown for my family.”

The Alaskan Bush People star continued, “And I also wanted to give my condolences to everyone out there who’s going through the same thing that we have been this year. It’s not easy. All you can do is just keep moving forwards. I hope everybody has a happy, safe, blessed holiday season. And remember as you’re out there celebrating, and every other day, always respect the danger.”

Of course, fans shared their love and support once again in the comments.

“You guys are awesome and I am proud of you all,” one fan wrote. “HOWL OF A WOLF TO THE WOLF PACK.”

Another penned, “pass on my condolences to the Wolfpack. really miss your dad was a true joy watching him. have a safe and wonderful holiday.”

“You guys are great long live the wolf pack let the journey continue,” said a third Alaskan Bush People superfan.

Could Bam Bam Still Be in Touch with Former ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star?

There was one other notable detail about Bam Bam’s recent TikTok video – his caption. To most, the hashtag, “#nevergiveupneversurrender,” might just seem like a positive reminder to keep your head up during tough times. But what’s interesting about this phrase is that Bam’s older brother and former Alaskan Bush People star, Matt, signs his videos with the same simple message.

In a recent video on Instagram, Matt wrote in the caption, “Never give up, Never surrender.”

In the past, Matt has stated that he doesn’t keep in touch with his family anymore and even spent the holidays alone. Perhaps the shared social media sentiment is just a coincidence. The two haven’t posted about each other publically, but it could point to a revived relationship between the two brothers, even from afar.