‘Alaskan Bush People’: Fans Criticize Bird Brown for How She’s Taking Care of Her Cats

by Amy Myers

Before you start to worry, Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown’s cats are totally fine. Her home, however, is a different story. After Bird announced she would be spending some time at the family’s first home in Alaska, she asked older brother Gabe to watch over her furbabies until she came home. Usually, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Cats are autonomous animals that thrive on independence, and therefore wouldn’t mind if Gabe only popped in to change out their water, fill their food bowls and cleaned the litter box. However, the sheer number of animals Bird had in her small camper – and the smell that came with them – was a bit alarming.

The Alaskan Bush People star has 20 cats living with her, and she loves each of them with her whole heart. But in such confined quarters and without proper maintenance, a home with 20 cats – or any animal for that matter – can easily become dirty. And for Bird Brown, cleanliness doesn’t seem to be a priority.

While visiting his sister’s cats to complete his daily duties, Gabe Brown realized just how filthy Bird’s home situation was. After filling the cats’ many food and water bowls, he headed to Bird’s bathroom where she repurposed her shower to act as a huge litter box. You could almost smell the room through the TV screen. Fans were aghast at the Alaskan Bush People star’s living conditions.

“Ok…I have watched the Browns since the beginning..love the family and the show. BUT. OMG Bird’s shower is the cat litter box? That is just beYOND nasty,” one shared.

“Clearly, from Gabe’s inability to hide his disgust from the smell….I can’t unsee that…and I KNOW the cat piss smell of that whole camper is HORRIFIC. Bird….come on,” a second fan added.

Others also wondered how the Alaskan Bush People star, herself, could maintain her hygiene when she couldn’t even use the shower.

“This is the filthiest family on tv, seriously a litter box in the shower, where does she clean herself?” one fan asked.

See the extent of Bird’s bathroom litter box here.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gabe Brown Keeps His Promise

Poor Gabe could hardly keep himself composed as he scooped away in the “shower full of you-know-what-it’s-full-of,” as he described it. Even the scented kitty litter couldn’t mask the smell of the contents, and instead, only added to the putrid odor.

“Bird definitely owes me one for this,” the fellow Alaskan Bush People star said.

Still, the brother knew he needed to take good care of Bird’s pets because they meant so much to her. Wanting to keep his promise to his little sister, Gabe dug away at the mountain of litter in the bathroom.

“They’re Bird’s pride and joy – they’re practically her babies,” Gabe explained. “I don’t want something to happen when she’s gone and when she comes back I’m like, ‘Well we lost six.'”