‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Speculate if Bear Brown’s Girlfriend Raiven Adams Is Pregnant Again

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Adams’ son could be sending a message to his parents that they have another little one on the way. Earlier this month, the 21-month-old tyke struck a pose that struck a chord with many of Adams’ followers on Instagram. The mother posted a photo of River bent over with his head on the ground. And while she only thought she was sharing another one of her son’s adorable moments, fans pointed out that there could be an underlying meaning to his behavior.

Some inquired whether this photo was actually a pregnancy announcement. Others congratulated the Alaskan Bush People star and her boyfriend, Bear Brown. But in actuality, all the riffraff came from an old wives’ tale that suggests that if your baby strikes this pose, you’re either pregnant or will soon become pregnant. Some fans even supported this theory with their own stories.

“My little did this over and over and I thought he was so cute and sure enough 3 months later I found out I was pregnant lol,” one Alaskan Bush People viewer wrote.

“Same happened to me!” another fan concurred. “Just sayin and he’s stopped ever since! Very weird.”

Of course, for women that are trying for a child or already have one at home, it seems like everything is a sign of pregnancy. There are dozens if not hundreds of superstitions that dictate when you’ll get pregnant, the gender of the baby and the child’s health. While this is almost always just a case of coincidence, some take these tales to heart – just not Raiven Adams.

While explaining why so many fans thought that she had a second bun in the oven, she clarified that “it’s just a cute photo.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Are Keeping Fingers Crossed for a a Wedding

It’s clear that Alaskan Bush People fans are happy to see Adams and Brown back together. Between their theories of babies and weddings, they’re obviously hoping for the best future for the family. Perhaps that’s why Brown’s followers were so quick to assume that a comic strip he posted meant a renewed engagement.

In the private post, Brown added a photo of a Batman comic featuring villains Harley Quinn and the Joker. During the strip, the Joker proposed to his beloved using a grenade pin. As soon as fans caught sight of the explosive yet romantic animation, they assumed this meant big news for the Alaskan Bush People couple.

But as we know from Brown’s past posts around Halloween, he has a strong affliction for all-things-Joker. Sure, this could be a cheeky way of informing the public of a coming wedding, but usually, Bear Brown, you know, the King of Extreme, isn’t one to be discreet.