‘Alaskan Bush People’ Find Their Inner ‘Gold Rush’ Exploring Cave for Wealth

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown is spearheading her family’s search for gold on their Washington mountain property. Previously, the youngest Wolf Pack member had spoken with her dad regarding their shared interest in precious metals, but unfortunately, Billy Brown passed away before the family could truly begin to uncover the wealth that the land has to offer. However, this hasn’t discouraged the 19-year-old adventurist.

Following her father’s death, Rain continued Billy’s dream and literally roped some of her siblings into her efforts. With several older siblings in tow, Rain bit into her “gold rush” and a few other questionable items.

Check out what they discover in the clip below.

As the late Alaskan Bush People patriarch explained to his youngest child, the family’s ranch was one of the first sites where the Gold Rush actually took place. Because of the environment’s tough terrain, though, miners eventually abandoned the area. Instead, they opted for ground that much less arduous. For the Browns, that meant there were plenty of opportunities to pick up where their predecessors left off.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Siblings May Have Found Something Other Than a Mine Shaft

Much like the stars of the Alaskan Bush People stars, the original gold miners didn’t have many electric tools at their disposal. So, digging 20 feet into the earth takes substantially longer than we see the cast of Gold Rush do today. Naturally, these original gold seekers needed an onsite bathroom to use as they worked.

And, as brother Gabe hesitantly pointed out, one could easily mistake a makeshift latrine for an entrance to a mine. Unfortunately, though, he came to this conclusion after he helped lower his little sister into the 20-foot hole in the ground with a single fallen log across the top.

Too bad he didn’t think of that before Rain taste-tested the metal along the walls of the cavern.

Thankfully, Their Efforts Were Not in Vain

After coming back up from the potential bathroom, Rain decided to test the skills of Alaskan Bush People‘s “King of Extreme” Bear by lowering him into an even deeper mine. With some questionable safety gear and shaky setup, the older brother found several gold samples to bring back to his sisters.

Of course, all three couldn’t have been happier that they had actually discovered some gold. Rain, herself, couldn’t wait to get the necessary equipment for the next step. Chances are that if she found a hefty supply of metal, she would be back at the mine as soon as she could to dig even deeper into the ground.

Perhaps to bring more value to the family name, but also to keep her father’s image alive.