‘Alaskan Bush People’: How Ami Brown Celebrated First Christmas Without Billy

by Amy Myers

This past week, the Alaskan Bush People family celebrated their first Christmas without their beloved patriarch, Billy Brown (68). In February, Billy passed away suddenly after suffering a seizure in his Washington home. Since then, the family has had to cope with spending the holidays without him.

Of course, the loss was no easier on the kids than it was for Billy’s wife, Ami (58). The Alaskan Bush People matriarch, herself, had been battling some health conditions, including a battle with lung cancer. In fact, she and Billy even had to relocate from Alaska to Washington so that they would have more immediate access to emergency health services. Unfortunately, nothing could prepare them for when Billy had his seizure.

Now, the family has dedicated much of their efforts to not only remembering Billy and keeping his presence alive but also spending more time together. The holidays were the perfect opportunity to reunite all the siblings, spouses and grandkids under the same roof. And according to the Alaskan Bush People Instagram posts, that’s exactly what they did.

Youngest Alaskan Bush People sibling Rain Brown (19) posted a sweet family photo with her mom, brother Bear (34), his girlfriend Raiven Adams (23) and their one-year-old, River. In the photo, Ami looked absolutely thrilled to be surrounded by her kids.

“Merry Christmas from my Wolfpack to yours! Awhooooo!!! #staystrong #stayhappy #Christmas,” Rain captioned the photo.

Adorable Relationship Between ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star and Her Nephew

Meanwhile, Bear posted his own version of the family photo, but in this one, Rain and her nephew shared a silly look with each other.

“I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas! And enjoying every moment with your loved ones! God bless and Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!!” the Alaskan Bush People star told fans.

The adorable moment is just further proof that Rain is River’s favorite auntie. Earlier this week, Raiven even posted a photo of herself, Bear and River, and at first glance, it seems that the tot is gazing lovingly at his parents. But, as Raiven explained in the comments in response to a fan, River was actually looking at Rain somewhere off-camera.

Clearly, River shares a special connection with his aunt because it seems that whenever she’s in the room, his eyes are always on her. Perhaps Rain is the fun aunt, or maybe she has more energy to keep up with the adventurous tot. Whatever the reason, it’s obvious that she already holds a special place in his little heart.