‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Updates Fans on His Winter Plans

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People‘s Matt Brown is back with another video update for fans, and this time it’s all about helping others through his winter wonderland.

“Hi friends! I figured I’d do a quick check in video,” the Alaskan Bush People alum begins over on Instagram Wednesday. “It’s kind of warmed up a little bit here and started to sprinkle. It’s made the snow nice and mushy,” Brown continues. It looks far from warm on Matt’s farm, however. He looks frost and wind burnt all over, but he’s surely accustomed to such Alaska-like weather.

Regardless, this state of snow is giving Matt an idea. “What I’ve decided to do is, I’m going to take these snow mounds I have, and instead of just piling up walls I’m going to use my machete and cut out blocks,” he reveals. That’s right, Alaskan Bush People fans, Matt Brown is prepping to build himself a snow fort.

Specifically, Matt is going to try and stack blocks of frozen snow. In doing so, he hopes to create “an old-fashioned igloo!” he reveals in his latest Instagram video above.

“And if I can’t figure out the ceiling [for the igloo], I’ll probably do like a snow fort or ice palace, then,” he digresses. “So that’s what I’m into right now.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown Turns His Hobby into Self-Help for Followers

The Alaskan Bush People alum says he likes to have projects that are purely for pleasure because it keeps his brain active. “It keeps me moving and gives me a little bit of hobby time,” he smiles. “It allows me to reframe my mind. It’s a lot like exercise or working out. And why work out when I can fiddle around with a hobby that takes motion and movement?”

This allows Matt to do “moving meditation” he says, something he hopes his fans will benefit from. As per usual, Brown is looking out for those who also struggle with their mental health.

“This quiets my brain and allows me to focus on the thing I’m doing, and kind of reboot and process,” he continues. “But I’m doing good out here!” he reassures Alaskan Bush People fans. Matt’s had a toothache the past couple of days, he says, “which has been mentally draining.”

As a result, Brown’s next self-help video will focus on the issues that come with chronic pain. Matt has an old neck injury that sometimes bothers him, but he knows many others have it far worse. Which is why he’s also considering making “exercise videos” to help followers through similar circumstances.

You’re a good egg, Matt Brown. Keep it up; your fellow Outsiders are behind you all the way.