‘Alaskan Bush People’: Meet Rarely Seen Members of the Brown Family

by Madison Miller

There’s no shortage of interesting family members in the Wolfpack over on “Alaskan Bush People.” From Bam Bam to Bear to Gabe to Noah to Rain to Bird to Matt, each one has a very unique personality they bring to the table.

Sadly, the “Alaskan Bush People” family lost one of their own when the family patriarch Billy Brown passed away in February from a seizure. The family tree we see on the screen is limited, given just how big the family is. It’s growing too, seeing as many of the kids are now married and some have kids.

Other ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Members

There are some members of the family we haven’t gotten to see a whole lot of on the popular Discovery show. In fact, Billy Brown was actually a husband and a father before he met Ami Brown and they settled down and had their own big family of seven kids.

According to Radar Online, Brown married his first wife when he was 16 and she was 17. His wife’s name was Brenda and they had two daughters together, Brandy and Twila. It’s unclear exactly what kind of relationship the three had with Billy Brown and the rest of the “Alaskan Bush People” family. However, we did get to meet Twila on “Alaskan Bush People” in 2016. Brandy was never mentioned publically.

Her cameo was pretty interesting, too. It shed a little bit of light on Billy’s earlier life and the kind of relationship the rest of the kids have with their half-siblings. Billy Brown revealed during her cameo on the show that he hadn’t seen Twila since she was 15. This was close to 30 years ago at that point.

She made that cameo but doesn’t seem too fond of her family members. According to Press Bolt News, the daughter once wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to the absentee father,” on her Facebook account.

The reason Billy Brown got married so young is that he wanted to be released as a ward of the state. He wrote about his first marriage in his book “Lost Years.” They divorced after five years of marriage.

Even More to the Wolfpack

The “Alaskan Bush People” immediate family calls themselves the Wolfpack because they have stayed so close to one another. There are other family members, such as those connected to Billy Brown’s first marriage, that don’t get that same distinction.

Not only did Billy Brown have two other kids, but he also was already a grandfather for a bit. Rhain and Noah have always been recognized for being the first to have an “Alaskan Bush People” baby. They had their son, Elijah Connor Brown, in February 2019.

Meanwhile, Twila had already had two children. Sadly, one of her daughters passed away in a tragic car accident.

Another member of the family we no longer see on the screen is Matt Brown. He is no longer on the show after a falling out with his family. This is largely due to being accused of raping two different women in 2018.