‘Alaskan Bush People’: New Episode Shows Brown Family ‘Devastated’ After Learning Their Dog Died

by Jon D. B.

Watch: Devastating loss continues for the Alaskan Bush People family as their beloved Belgian Tervuren, Mr. Cupcake, dies unexpectedly.

“Three shots is not good. That means that there is an emergency,” Bear Brown cries out. His tone is frantic as he rushes out into the snowy Alaskan bush. The Browns are working to re-establish a base camp in their mountainous home for Season 13, and gunshots are echoing through the valley.

“Something bad is going on. We’re worried about dad right now because he has bad seizure problems,” Bear adds of his late father, Billy Brown. As he and his sister, Rain, take off down the mountain, it’s sibling Snowbird that receives the horrible call.

Collapsing into the snow, Birdie can barely contain her despair. “It’s Mr. Cupcake… I’m sorry,” she says, tears welling.

“What?” Bear cries out, with Rain asking if their beloved dog is okay.

“He’s gone… I can’t even say it,” Snowbird sobs. “He just didn’t wake up.”

“Mr. Cupcake passed away,” she offers to the Alaskan Bush People crew for the show’s in-episode recap. “I was pretty devastated, honestly. And, I don’t know, caught off-guard?”

“It’s very hard to process,” Rain adds of their sweet dog. “Mr. Cupcake was close with all of us. He was a very important part of the family,” she cries.

“He had a great life, though. There was never a happier dog than him,” Bear tells his sisters in the moment.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Mr. Cupcake Dies Shortly before Billy Brown

As Alaskan Bush People fans will remember, the late Billy Brown brought Mr. Cupcake home as a surprise to his children. They were ecstatic, and the gorgeous Belgian Tervuren became a staple of the show.

A breed of sheepdog known for being intelligent, protective, and family-oriented, Mr. Cupcake was a model Belgian Tervuren. Fans came to love him as the Browns did, but no one was expecting the sweet boy to pass like this.

“We had a very close bond. I was nine when I got him,” Rain offers, barely able to compose herself. The Season 13, Episode 6 clip then airs footage of Mr. Cupcake as a puppy being embraced by his loving new family, and it’s enough to break your heart.

It was Rain, in fact, that would name Mr. Cupcake as a young girl. His love and shenanigans throughout Alaskan Bush People would prove a highlight, and fans are devastated to learn of further loss for the Browns.

“Oh no… I was afraid that it was Cupcake (considering the casket in the preview was way too small to be Billy). Looking at it now though, it’s beautiful to think that Cupcake and Billy are together,” offers Alaskan Bush People fan Ryeder K. on Instagram.

Alaskan Bush People Season 13 is currently airing on Discovery and Discovery+. Rest in Peace, Cupcake.