‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Shares New Selfie Showing Off Her New Look

by Amy Myers

Now that Alaskan Bush People star has switched out her brunette hair for some blond locks, she seems to have a renewed sense of confidence. Last November, Rain debuted her new look in a video on Instagram. During the clip, Rain promoted the season finale of her family’s show. But once fans saw her new hairdo, no one was talking about the series.

Now, Rain has decided to drop yet another picture of her new style on Instagram.

The new photo is a part of Rain’s “selfie town” series. Since switching hair color, the Alaskan Bush People star hasn’t been too shy to show off her locks. Just a few days ago, Rain posted “part two” of her Instagram series. This time, she stood outside in a maroon puffy coat in front of some snow-capped mountains.

Needless to say, she’s digging her new look.

And fans are just as excited about Rain’s new style. Each time she posts a new photo of herself on Instagram, she receives hundreds of comments from fans that can’t get enough of her latest hairdo.

“Gorgeous, blonde is your color,” one Alaskan Bush People star said.

Another commented, “You look so different with blonde hair but it really suits you.”

 “Blonde looks good on you!” a third fan agreed.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Deems Sister-in-Law ‘Extreme Princess’

Rain’s selfies aren’t the only notable posts on Instagram lately. Earlier this month, the Alaskan Bush People star posted a couple of photos from her brother’s wedding. The first photo was with the bride, Raiven, and the second was with brother Bear and sister Bird.

“What a beautiful day! And a beautiful couple,” Rain captioned the post. “blessed to have you officially be my sister in law @raiven_br0wn_ and huge congrats @bearbrownthekingofextreme you finally found your extreme princess I just know da is proud I hope your new start is as joyful and crazy as your ceremony was, welcome to the family Raiven we love you.”

Rain and Raiven have been friends from the start. Back when Bear and Raiven began dating in 2018, the two girls seemed to bond fairly fast. Of course, when the two temporarily split in 2019, the break-up likely put a strain on Rain and Raiven’s friendship, but in recent posts, it seems the two have patched up their relationship and remained great friends.

On Raiven’s birthday in December, Rain even posted a photo of them together and penned a touching message that spoke to the strength of their relationship.

“Happy birthday to this gem, I hope you have a day as wonderful as you are, I’m so happy that even through our struggles you’re still one of my best friends I love you!! Happy birthday sis,” the Alaskan Bush People star wrote.

Raiven wrote back, “Thank you sweet girl.”

Now that the two are officially sisters, their friendship will only become stronger.