‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown Wishes Her ‘Sis’ Raiven Adams a Happy Birthday

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Science & Society Picture Library/SSPL/Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown helped her brother’s girlfriend celebrate her birthday on Instagram. Since Raiven Adams began dating Bear Brown several years ago, she and Rain have formed a fast friendship. It appears that even through the couple’s past breakups, nasty social media battles and discrepancies with child care, the two women have been able to maintain their loyalty to each other.

Wednesday, Rain posted a past photo with Adams. It seems to be one from when they had first become friends, back when both women had much shorter hair.

“Happy birthday to this gem, I hope you have a day as wonderful as you are, I’m so happy that even through our struggles you’re still one of my best friends I love you!! Happy birthday, sis,” the youngest Alaskan Bush People star wrote in the caption.

What ‘Struggles’ Have the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Seen?

We know from past encounters that Adams and Bear Brown have seen their fair share of trials (some literal) and tribulations. And of course, this would affect the friendship between Bear’s girlfriend and sister. At only 19 years old, Rain has a significantly different worldview than her 34-year-old brother and his roughly 24-year-old girlfriend. So, when Adams and Bear first split, it would be natural for the young Alaskan Bush People star to take her brother’s side on the matter.

After all, they don’t call themselves the “Wolf Pack” for nothing.

Likely, this meant that Rain and Adams decided to end their friendship at the same time the relationship ended. But despite the makeups and breakups, the two have found reason to stay friends. And we think we have a good idea of what keeps them together.

Bear and Adams Have a Child Together

A little less than two years ago, Bear Brown and his girlfriend welcomed their son, River, to the world. The blond-haired, blue-eyed boy is always smiling from the photos his family takes of him. And since his birth, the Alaskan Bush People parents have refocused their energy on what’s best for their son. As a result, River’s been able to meet all of his wild aunts and uncles.

Not surprisingly, Rain Brown fell in love with her little nephew and, like his parents, wanted only the best for him. Because of that, it’s possible that the Browns and Adams were able to put past differences aside and focus on building positive relationships in the future.

Now, Rain considers Adams one of her “best friends” and sister.

Perhaps the young Alaskan Bush People star’s latest photo with her “sis” was meant to signify just how far the two have come since they first met each other.