‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Adams Celebrates Christmas With Bear Brown and Baby River

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Adams wanted to commemorate her holiday celebrations by snapping a family photo with her boyfriend, Bear Brown, and their son, River. The happy little family smiled brightly for their picture as Adams held River in her arms and Brown cuddled up to his beloved.

“Merry Christmas from our family to yours,” the Alaskan Bush People star told fans.

Of course, fans of the show and the couple responded with their own holiday wishes, cooing over the cute moment.

The way he looks at bear and u is adorable,” one fan wrote, referring to River’s adoring stare. “merry Christmas.”

Oddly enough, though, River wasn’t looking at his mom or dad at all, according to Adams. Apparently, he was instead looking at his Aunt Rain, Bear’s little sister.

“he’s actually looking at @heroofkirrkwell,” she corrected.

The fan responded, “lol that works to aunties are always good too. @heroofkirrkwell merry Christmas to u to and ur whole family give lots of love to Amy she’s that mom I wish I could have.”

Fellow ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Wishes Fans Merry Christmas

While Adams posed for a family moment with her son and boyfriend, fellow Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown posted her own sentiments through the show’s Instagram profile.

Before recording the video, Bird decided to dress appropriately for the clip. So, she put on a Santa hat, a cozy poncho and strung some holiday lights around herself, transforming into a walking Christmas tree.

In the video, Bird wished Alaskan Bush People fans and followers a Merry Christmas to both “you and your families.”

She also reminded folks in need of some holiday party entertainment that they can now stream the show on Discovery.

Browns Spend First Christmas without Billy Brown

While the holiday is no doubt full of lots of joy and laughter, there’s also a bit of solemness to the occasion. Today marks the family’s first Christmas without their patriarch, Billy Brown. Earlier this year, in February, Billy passed away following a seizure episode.

Since then, some family members, in particular, have struggled to cope with the loss of their beloved “Da,” especially because the holidays and spending time together meant so much to him.

During the most recent season, the family has dedicated much of their efforts to memorializing their father and his values and hopes for the Browns. In November, several of the Brown siblings expressed that Thanksgiving was Billy’s favorite holiday because it celebrated everything he stood for. As a result, they posted tributes to him. Likely, the Alaskan Bush People will continue to do the same today to keep his memory alive with them.