‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Raiven Adams Shares ‘Favorite Part’ of Having a 2-Year-Old

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven and Bear’s son River will soon be turning two, and for some parents, this is the toughest age for raising a child. But with how sweet and smiley the young boy seems, the young parents might be in luck.

In fact, Raiven recently spoke about what it’s like to raise River and what she loves most about her job as a mom. On TikTok, the Alaskan Bush People star responded to fans’ questions in the comments, and she was more than happy to answer ones about her sweet son.

The fan asked, “Whats your favorite part of having a two year old? Do you think he looks more like you or bear?”

Here’s what Raiven had to say:

“Definitely just watching him become his own person. It’s really strange to just see him, like, develop a personality. I mean I always said when I had him, ‘It’s so weird to think I have a kid,’ but as he gets older it’s even more weird. He’s so sweet, and I – we are very lucky to have him.”


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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Chats About Her Son’s Likeness to His Parents

In response to who the Alaskan Bush People star thinks her son looks more like, she said, “I think that he has some of my more prominent features, like my bigger eyes and more a mixture of our nose.”

She continued, “He has my dimples as well. We both have the same dimples. He has two on one side and one on the other – so do I, so does my dad, so does my brother. But he definitely has Bear’s eyebrows when he makes this certain face that’s just like Bear’s. And he has Bear’s eye color, so it’s kind of a mixture.”

Ultimately, Raiven concluded, “Sometimes he looks more like Bear. Sometimes he looks more like me.”

Raiven Reveals Tragic Conditions of River’s Birth

In just two months, on March 9, River will be two years old, and in honor of the young Alaskan Bush People star’s upcoming birthday, his mom demonstrated just how far the little tike has come.

According to Raiven’s previous TikTok video, she gave birth to River just two days before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Shortly after River came into the world, the doctors revealed that he was struggling to breathe. So, they had to insert a tube and keep him under close supervision.

Thankfully, the babe truly had the heart of an Alaskan Bush People family member and pulled through. Now, he’s as active as ever.



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