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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Adams Gives Heartwarming Update About Her and Bear’s Son River

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jaap Arriens/Xinhua via Getty) (Xinhua/Jaap Arriens via Getty Images)

Like father, like son. Alaskan Bush People girlfriend Raiven Adams shared an update about her son, River, and how he’s quickly becoming like his dad, Bear Brown. Already, it seems the young tike has inherited his father’s wild spirit and taste for adventure. Now, though, there’s a more problematic trait showing through the young boy – his dad’s need to climb just about anything.

Of course, this is cause for alarm for River’s mom. Knowing how much trouble her boyfriend gets himself into, she doesn’t want their son to make the same mistakes. To be safe, Adams took some precautionary actions that would prevent River from scaling more dangerous surfaces in the house. In an update on Instagram, the Alaskan Bush People affiliate shared just what modifications the couple had to make to their son’s room.

“Well river no longer has his shelf in his room..and we moved his mattress to the floor,” Adams wrote. “He does in fact climb more things than bear even does so yay for me. He has no fear and his new obsession is trying to balance on toys. P.s he loves playing with gramma in the leaves!”

Along with the mildly concerning yet not surprising update about River’s behavior, Adams posted two videos of her son playing in the leaves. Apparently, when he’s not climbing every surface he can get his little feet on, he’s enjoying the autumn foliage with Adams’ mother. The two clips showed the tike excitedly picking up leaves and tossing them into the air.

The doting mother keeps her account private, so we can’t show the update. However, you can request to follow Raiven Adams here to see the full post.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Addresses Comments About Father’s Death

The adorable update comes only one day after Bear Brown’s own fiasco on Instagram. Yesterday, the Alaskan Bush People star concluded his thoughts on the people who were “making fun” of his father, Billy Brown, and his death. On Thursday, the star claimed that these people were “using old pictures and putting voice bubbles over them and writing in stupid and insulting stuff! It was bad enough mocking a sick man, but now they mock him even know he has tragically passed away?”

For a short time, Brown even posted the accounts and websites responsible for this behavior but then quickly removed them in fear that his fans would partake in “bullying,” as he claimed in his following post.

“But the page was removed and that is all I can hope for,” the Alaskan Bush People star shared. “I don’t care when I’m made fun of and my family rarely says anything, but this was just too far and something needed to be said.”