‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Adams Posts Heartwarming Pics of Her and Bear’s Son Playing in Snow

by Madison Miller

Raiven Adams from “Alaskan Bush People” is pretty active on social media. At this point, her Instagram account is really a fan account for her adorable son River.

Raiven and Bear Brown welcomed their son in March 2020. Since then, she has shared so many aspects of his growth with her fans on social media.

Adorable Photos of River from ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Most recently, she’s giving an inside look at the holiday season alongside River. She captioned a couple of photos, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” The first two photos show River playing in front of the family’s decorated Christmas tree.

The last two show as River is completely engulfed in a pile of snow as he is done up in his full snow gear.

Bear has started to appear in a lot of Raiven’s recent posts, as well. She even mentioned a similarity that River seems to have with his father.

“Well river no longer has his shelf in his room..and we moved his mattress to the floor. He does in fact climb more things than bear even does so yay for me … He has no fear and his new obsession is trying to balance on toys. P.s he loves playing with gramma in the leaves!” she wrote on a post from a couple of weeks ago.

She also shared an image with River and Bear as he looks to be nodding off in her arms.

Where Will Raiven and River Live?

It can be a bit confusing keeping up with the “Alaskan Bush People” couple. They have been on and off again for a couple of years now.

They were engaged at one point but also have had some very public arguments over social media. It seems, as of now, that the two are on good terms as they raise River together.

During a recent fan question and answer segment on Instagram, Raiven revealed if she would live off the grid with the rest of Bear’s family. She told them that she doesn’t want to live as extreme as the rest of the family. However, she does want to live in that way as close as possible to Billy Brown.

She also hinted that she wants to have their home built soon up on the mountain. Raiven and Bear were living in Loomis while “Alaskan Bush People” was being filmed.

That house would sit on the North Shore Ranch, which the Palmer wildfires left a lot of that land uninhabitable. All in all, the three of them seem pretty inseparable.