‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Wife Shares Stunning Wedding Photo With Rain and Bird

by Madison Miller

The wedding bells finally went off for an “Alaskan Bush People” couple.

After a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, Raiven Adams and Bear Brown got married over the weekend in a ceremony surrounded by close friends and family.

Fans of “Alaskan Bush People” have gotten to witness the wedding through a variety of stunning photos. Raiven Adams recently shared a photo on Instagram alongside Bear’s sisters, Rain and Bird. Now, they’re her sisters-in-law.

Rain and Bird are all dressed up and Raiven looks stunning in her wedding dress and veil. Seeing as they all interacted on the show together, Raiven is already pretty familiar with the “Alaskan Bush People” family. Bear and Raiven also uploaded stunning photos posing with their son, River, in front of a gorgeous, snowy landscape.

From the look of it, the “Alaskan Bush People” couple had a truly stunning ceremony. Another photo also shows the entire family, including some kids and significant others, all together for the special event. One of the siblings, Matt Brown, was not in that picture. It’s unclear if he attended the wedding, seeing as he is not on good terms with a lot of his family.

Also sadly missing is Billy Brown. The father of the family passed away from a seizure last February. In an interview with People, Bear Brown spoke about the magic of his wedding day and wished his father could have been there to see it.

“It feels really good to be a married man, I’ve loved Raiven a long time and it’s a honor and a privilege to finally call her my wife. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and still takes my breath away! I only wish Da had been there, but I know he was watching from the best seat! I look forward to building a life, a family and a home with Raiven, she’s the love of my life and my heart belongs to her and her alone,” Bear said.

Brief Timeline of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Relationship

The wedding seemed to be outright perfect. It’s been a long time coming and the duo has overcome some drama along the way.

The couple first got engaged back in August 2019. Then, only two weeks later, they announced they would be going separate ways. Only one day after that, Raiven let fans know that she was pregnant.

The two of them gave the relationship another chance in October, only to split up once again. In September 2020, Bear Brown finally got to hold his 6-month-old son River for the first time due to COVID-19 restrictions.

From that point on, everything seemed to be going well for the couple.