‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Brown Enjoys ‘Nephew Cuddles’ in Heartwarming New Snap

by Amy Myers

Now that Raiven and Bear Brown have made their union official, the Alaskan Bush People bride decided to take some time and visit her side of the family back in Texas.

The newlyweds had a small ceremony on January 16, and from the looks of the photos, the only people from Raiven’s side of the family in attendance were her mother and step-father. So, it’s likely that her folks that couldn’t be there wanted to help her celebrate her big day, even if it was a few days after.

During her visit back home, Raiven made sure to pay special attention to some especially adorable family members that loved to cuddle with their Alaskan Bush People aunt. Unfortunately, this made her almost-two-year-old son, River, a bit jealous.

“Soaked up all my nephews cuddles from my side of the family last week!” the Alaskan Bush People star shared on Instagram. “I have also spent way to long on Pinterest for our house plans. River was very jealous lol he pushed himself into the bed with us and took a nap! He also spent the whole week trying to use the baby toys for my nephew. He got lots of extra cuddles from momma to make him feel better.”

To be fair, River is an only child, and he’s been the center of his parents’ world ever since his birth. So, when another cuddly and cute toddler stole his mom’s attention, he likely didn’t know how to feel about it. And in response, he inserted himself into the situation. Luckily, Raiven nor his cousins seemed to mind, and eventually, they found an arrangement that seemed to work for everyone.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Shares What It’s Like to Raise River

Raiven Brown’s never shy about what it’s like to raise a two-year-old in the Alaskan Bush People family. Of course, just like his dad, Bear, River tends to be extremely energetic and adventurous. And while it might be tough to keep up with the tike at times, she seems to love every moment of motherhood.

On TikTok, the Alaskan Bush People mom shared her favorite part of raising a two-year-old.

“Definitely just watching him become his own person,” Raiven said. “It’s really strange to just see him, like, develop a personality. I mean I always said when I had him, ‘It’s so weird to think I have a kid,’ but as he gets older it’s even more weird. He’s so sweet, and I – we are very lucky to have him.”

She also commented on who she believed her little boy looked more like – his mom or his dad. According to her, he has a healthy mix of their best features, including her dimples and his eyebrows.

Raiven concluded, “Sometimes he looks more like Bear. Sometimes he looks more like me.”