‘Alaskan Bush People’ Reveals Billy Brown’s Last Task for Bear, Rain, and Bird

by Joe Rutland

“Alaskan Bush People” is in a new season, but the Brown family is still dealing with the death of its beloved patriarch, Billy Brown.

Brown had one final task for children Bear, Rain, and Bird to complete.

What, though, is it? Check this clip out from the show’s Instagram account.

Obviously, the children want to make sure they follow their late father’s wishes.

But that’s a heck of a lot of weather to deal with, Outsiders. Getting “The Integrity” into safer spaces will take some work.

In the clip, Bear Brown breaks down what they are supposed to do.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star’s Children Are Checking On Condition Of Family Boat

Bear said that Billy “wants us to check out ‘The Integrity.’

“He wants us to make sure that she’s still good and ship-shape, and then he wants us to find someone who will watch it until we can come back and get it,” Bear Brown said in the highlight clip. “But we’re just running out of time.”

Well, the “Alaskan Bush People” family members have spent time living in Alaska so they have a good idea of what’s coming down the pike.

They do find “The Integrity” and it leaves Bear with some thoughts.

He calls it being in “some kind of alternate reality” when they first see the boat. Bear Brown also said the book looks “vastly different from when we last saw it.”

Gabe Brown Finds Himself Dealing With Bird’s Cats As She Is Away In Alaska

“Alaskan Bush People” has new episodes now airing on Sundays on the Discovery Channel.

When Bird left to go back to Alaska, she left a trailer full of cats in brother Gabe’s hands. He’s doing it but, well, knows the challenge ahead.

Gabe said in a video clip that one of the concerns is “all the cats that she has here.”

“She’s entrusted that to me, but they’re a lot,” he said.

“Alaskan Bush People” family members stick together through thick and thin. Gabe, though, finds himself approaching the shower stall in the trailer. That’s where a giant cat litter box is located, and he’s going to clean it out.

Oh boy! Outsiders, he has some cats looking to help him out.

“I can feel it in the eyes,” Gabe said as he’s digging deep into cat litter. “Bird definitely owes me one for this.”

Let’s briefly turn to Matt Brown, 39, who is living away from the Brown clan these days.

But he’s a hearty soul in the weather. Matt Brown shows off his adventures and daily tasks through Instagram. Sometimes he’ll offer a glimpse into his past while offering insights and advice.