‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bam Bam Brown Captures Snowy ‘Frozen Lake’ in New Post

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People star Bam Bam Brown just shared a photo of his home state that belongs on a postcard. Ever the family’s photographer, Bam posted a gorgeous shot of a snow-covered, frozen lake. Surrounding the body of water were clusters of evergreens and hovering above were clouds sure to bring the next blanket of snow.

As is typical for the introverted Alaskan Bush People star, Bam didn’t add anything complex to his caption. Instead, he tends to prefer to let the photos speak for themselves.

This isn’t the only landscape photo that Bam has taken recently. Earlier this week, the Alaskan Bush People star shared a few additional pictures of the snow. Each one seemed to have a different perspective, both physically and artistically.

In this shot, Bam seemed to focus on the pristine condition of freshly fallen snow. All the animal tracks disappeared under the latest precipitation, and above him, a blue sky peeked through a few wispy clouds.

Clearly, Bam admired the beauty of his home and wanted to share these wintry moments with fans.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Shares Appreciation for Fans

Besides his recent photos of nature on Instagram, Bam Bam has taken the rare opportunity on TikTok to open up to his fans regarding the struggles that his family experienced this past year. In his video, the Alaskan Bush People star expressed his gratitude for the fans that have sent the family positive messages and kept them in their thoughts as they coped with the loss of their patriarch, Billy Brown.

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you,” Bam said in a recent TikTok post. “Thank you very much for the love, the prayers, and the support that y’all have shown for my family.”

The Alaskan Bush People star continued, “And I also wanted to give my condolences to everyone out there who’s going through the same thing that we have been this year. It’s not easy. All you can do is just keep moving forwards. I hope everybody has a happy, safe, blessed holiday season. And remember as you’re out there celebrating, and every other day, always respect the danger.”

@respectthedanger Thank you. ✌🏻❤️🌎#respectthedanger #alaskanbushpeople #nevergiveupneversurrender ♬ original sound – Respectthedanger

Not surprisingly, fans once again shared their support for their favorite Wolf Pack in the comments once again.

One fan, who seemed to capture the thoughts of all the Alaskan Bush People fans in the comments, wrote, “pass on my condolences to the Wolfpack. really miss your dad was a true joy watching him. have a safe and wonderful holiday.”