‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bam Bam Brown Gives Update on His Ranch

by Amy Myers

Bam Bam Brown spent some quality time with some lesser-known Alaskan Bush People stars – the ranch livestock. Recently, Brown shared some sweet photos of their longhorn bulls grazing for hay amid the snow-dusted ground. One bull buried his entire snout in the snack, while the other showed off his mouthful of food.

The Alaskan Bush People star also frequently shares his adventures with the feathered friends on the ranch. In the past, Brown has posted videos of himself feeding the chickens corn from his hand. Most recently, he shared a couple of close-ups of one of his chickens with black feathers.

As the oldest sibling on the Alaskan Bush People ranch, it’s possible that Brown has to take on the bigger responsibilities of the property, like caring for the animals. But from the looks of the photos, he doesn’t seem to mind.

Bam Bam Spearheads Ranch Repairs with ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Brothers

Another important part of ranch life is making sure the property is intact for both animal and human residents. So, when Bam Bam realized that some of the roads needed some work, he recruited his two younger brothers to help fix up the areas.

Following the 2020 wildfires, a lot of the Alaskan Bush People family’s property suffered from the damage of the flames and rescue efforts. Now, according to Bam Bam, the roads had become dangerous to drive over.

“Everything that was holding it together, which wasn’t much, is gone now,” Bam Bam said. “The burn didn’t just hit our trees, but it hit several spots on our road. Now that’s dangerous for two reasons: it makes it harder to drive over, or where you can’t until you repair it. And also when winter hits and the snow melts, it’s just going to destroy everything. There won’t be anything to hold it together.”

Thankfully, little brothers Gabe and Noah were more than happy to pitch in and help their older brother with his efforts. Although, Bam Bam had to manage a few injuries along the way. Ever the responsible brother, he made sure that Gabe didn’t get into too much trouble while they worked.

“Gabie’s not just the most clumsy of all my siblings, but he’s the clumsiest person I’ve ever met, seen, or heard of,” Bam told the Alaskan Bush People crew. “He tries not to be, and that’s what makes it kind of funny. Because he will try so hard, and the trip on his own two feet.”

Right after the accident, Bam had to remind his brother once again to put on gloves so that he didn’t get a second cut on his hands.