‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bam Bam Brown Has Opened Up With Fans on Social Media

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

For a long time, Alaskan Bush People star Bam Bam Brown has been the most reserved of his six siblings, but now, it appears the quietest wolf in the pack is finally finding his voice.

With so many extroverted members of his family, it’s easy to lose sight of Bam Bam in the crowd. His sisters, Rain and Bird, are quite adventurous, and one of his younger brothers, Bear, even calls himself the “King of Extreme.” No doubt, the Alaskan Bush People are a howling bunch when they’re all together which is probably why Bam Bam prefers to stay back and observe.

However, now that the Wolf Pack’s alpha male, Billy Brown, has passed away, Bam Bam has decided to step outside his comfort zone and enjoy the spotlight every now and again. In the past, the elder Alaskan Bush People star announced that he would be more present on his social media channels in order to help him cope with his father’s passing. And since then, he has consistently delivered on this promise.

Bam Bam’s posts aren’t anything groundbreaking – just a few selfies here, a picture of a longhorn or two there. But the purpose of these photos isn’t to elicit hundreds or thousands of likes. Instead, the Alaskan Bush People star continues to post on Instagram and TikTok just to be a part of a loving and supportive community. And perhaps, he even hopes to pass on his father’s message and way of life through these pictures.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Shares Message from Father on Social Media

Just a few months ago, Bam Bam shared a selfie with a thoughtful message about his father’s ambition with the family’s show. In the caption, the Alaskan Bush People star detailed how the lessons his parents taught him tied into their appearance on television, and in essence, how he hoped to do the same.

“When I was a kid, my Mom and Dad taught me that this world can be a dark place, and that it’s our job to shine light wherever we can. They taught me that when it’s hard, when you want to fall to the ground and cry, when everything in you says give up, that is when you must keep going, when you must have courage and faith,” Bam Bam explained.

He continued, “Da never cared about money or fame. What he did care about was family, faith and freedom.
Da once said that if our show made just one person smile, and brought light into just one persons’ life, even for just a moment, then it was worth all of it.”