‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bam Bam Brown Remembers Visiting Major U.S. Landmark

by Amy Myers

The Alaskan Bush People family doesn’t usually venture out of their cozy life on the ranch, but every once in a while, they’ll get the itch to travel. Bam Bam, the oldest sibling on the North Star Ranch, took a trip to the Big Apple, which must have been a surprising change of pace for the particularly reserved adventurer. Still, he appears to have enjoyed exploring New York’s popular attractions and sites.

Recently, the Alaskan Bush People star posted a few photos from a past trip to New York. Bam snapped a photo as he trailed across the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Throwback to that time I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain…a few years ago,” Bam captioned the post.

Back in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge became the first roadway to connect Manhattan and Brooklyn overtop the East River. At the time, these two areas were separate cities. With a central span of 1,595 feet, the Bridge was also the world’s longest suspension bridge. It takes pedestrians roughly an hour to cross the length of the bridge. But if you’re a local commuter, it likely only takes around 25 minutes.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Takes the Subway

Last week, the Alaskan Bush People star also shared a snapshot of himself taking the subway, likely for the first time. Bam stood in the crowded car with both hands on the rails. Obviously, this was back before masks and social distancing became common practice. Bam himself, looks a bit distressed, probably not used to being in such a small space with so many people coming and going.

Some fans wondered if people on the subway recognized Bam from Alaskan Bush People, and while it’s possible that he signed a few signatures and snapped a few photos, it doesn’t appear that Bam worried about anyone noticing him. The good thing about big cities is that you can easily disappear in the crowd, and so, instead of being a reality TV star, Bam was just another New York tourist for a few days.

Bam also decided to take a trip to Coney Island during his trip to New York. The Alaskan Bush People star paused on his journey for an artsy photo in front of a chain-link fence looking off into the distance. Behind him was a mural that looked like the artist plucked it from the front of a postcard. The graphic art read, “Greetings from Coney Island,” and each letter was full of scenes from local attractions.