‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown All Smiles for ‘Once Upon a Time in Alaska’ Pic

by Amy Myers

Once upon a time in Alaska, a family of nine occupied the wilderness and relied only on each other. Now, the Alaskan Bush People spend most of their time on their property in Washington, but their first home will forever be a part of them. This is especially true for 34-year-old Bear Brown. Recently, he and his two little sisters, Rain and Bird, visited their beloved state to relive those first days on the show. Now, it seems Bear is still reminiscing about that time with his latest update on Instagram.

In his photo, Bear smiled wide against a background of snow-covered pines and frosted ground. “Once upon a time in Alaska,” he captioned the headshot.

Unfortunately, Bear keeps his account private, so we can’t share the photo directly. But if you’d like to keep up with his latest endeavors, you can follow him here.

Fans of the Alaskan Bush People star noticed just how happy their favorite Brown family member seemed.

“You look so happy and at home,” one wrote.

Plenty of others filled the comments with hearts, sharing in the Alaskan Bush People star’s love for his first home.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Shares Sweet Photo of Newborn Nephew

Lately, the newest generation of the Alaskan Bush People family has been rapidly growing. Between Bear’s son River, Gabe’s two little girls and Noah’s now two boys, the Wolf Pack has had much to celebrate. Recently, older brother Bear commended Noah for his latest addition to the family, little Adam.

“Hey everyone!!! Say hi to my newest nephew!!!! Adam Brown!!! Congratulations Noah on another beautiful baby boy! Da would be so proud of you!” Bear wrote in his sweet Instagram post.

Of course, the proud dad, too, has already posted several sweet snapshots of his new baby boy.

“Warning Cuteness overload! And this is just the beginning of Rhain and I posing Eli and Adam together in super Cute and adorable ways, stay tuned,” the Alaskan Bush People star wrote in his most recent update.

Noah and his wife Rhain have relished the moments that their oldest son, Elijah, has snuggled up to his little brother. However, knowing that the photos would come with criticism, the father posted a disclaimer, too.

“!DISCLAIMER! We always practice safe sleep,” Noah wrote. “Eli fell asleep on the couch with his moose and we moved the moose to put Adam in its place, we moved Adam right after we took the pictures and gave Eli his moose back.”

To prove that he had safely removed the baby from the sofa, Noah included a photo of Elijah hugging his stuffed moose close as he slept.