‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Gives Look at His Terrifying ‘Halloween’ Costume

by John Jamison

“Alaskan Bush People” star Bear Brown is known as the King of Extreme. It’s safe to say he lived up to the Instagram handle with his most recent post. Bear showed off his Halloween costume for his followers, and his Joker get-up will have Hollywood producers wondering if he’d be willing to accept the villain’s role in the next reboot.

Okay, the “Alaskan Bush People” star has some work to do before that happens. But make no mistake, his Joker costume and expression to go along with it are terrifying.

“The Joker Rising! It’s almost Halloween! What can I say? Life’s been good to me!” Bear wrote in the caption of his Instagram post.

Bear’s Instagram account is set to private. So if you’re interested in checking out his costume, you can follow him here.

Bear Brown Took a Trip Back Home Alaska with His Siblings

Fans of “Alaskan Bush People” and Bear Brown have Alaska to thank for extreme Halloween costumes like what he posted recently. Bear claimed that growing up in Alaska made him the man he is today in a recent episode.

“All my wildness, all my extremeness, it really began in Alaska. It just really has made me want to go back and to just go to where I was when I was a kid to discover something new about myself. Alaska to me will always be home and it holds a special place in my heart,” Bear said during an episode of the Discovery Channel series.

The Alaska Trip Has Different Meaning for Youngest of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family

Rainbow Brown is the youngest member of the Brown family. These days, it seems like all of the personalities from “Alaskan Bush People” are settling down and having kids. So we should say that Rain is the youngest of Billy and Ami Brown’s children.

Longtime fans of the show will find it difficult to believe that Rain is nearly an adult herself at this point. She wasn’t even a teenager yet when she first appeared on the series. Because of her younger age, Rain didn’t have the same childhood as the rest of her siblings. The family settled down in Washington a few years ago. It has given Rain a different perspective on things.

“Being that I’m almost 18, I am looking forward to going to Alaska with kind of a new perspective because when we were there, I was a kid,” Rain said of going back to Alaska during a recent episode. “You know, my childhood was free, but it wasn’t quite free in the way that everybody else was.”

Now that Billy Brown is no longer with them, the trip back to Alaska has to be an emotional journey for the Brown family.