‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Shares Selfie in Front of a Gorgeous Sunset

by Jon D. B.

Hopefully all is well for Bear Brown, as the Alaskan Bush People icon‘s latest photo shows a forlorn young man in front of a gorgeous sunset.

To put it simply, the Alaskan Bush People star’s latest photo shows a pensive Bear Brown as the Alaskan sunset paints the sky brilliantly behind him. While the scenery is as beautiful as nature makes it, Bear himself looks to be in mourning still. Fans are unhappy to see Bear so low, too. Especially amidst such a breathtaking sunset.

“You look so sad Bear, please cheer up, have faith,” comments Ruth J. on Bear’s Instagram. Indeed, he looks rather downtrodden in this latest update. 2021 has been beyond difficult for the young reality star, after all.

First, his father, the late Billy Brown, would die after years of declining health. Bear has admitted to feeling lost after his dad’s passing (something this Outsider can relate to). In the wake of Billy’s death, the Browns would spiral into a mess of legal troubles and family affairs, too. This all may be what led to Bear’s decision to leave the Alaskan Bush People show before the filming of Season 14. He may yet return, but as of his own personal statement in 2021, Bear Brown is out of Discovery’s hit show.

Unfortunately, we cannot embed his photo here as Bear’s Instagram is set to private. We can, however, link you directly to the photo – which you can see by clicking here and following Bear Brown.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Concerned for Bear Brown after Latest Photo

Over on Instagram, Alaskan Bush People fan Maria Rose replies “Thoughtful or remembering? Beautiful photo!”

Her comment is echoed hundreds of times over, as Bear’s more than 261,000 followers check in on the young man.

“You look sad… Hold your head up, God got this,” adds Deb B. “When the sun sets it will rise a new day… U will all meet again,” echoes fan Finn.

Perhaps, like the rest of us, Bear Brown is watching the latest episodes of Alaskan Bush People. Within, Billy Brown is still “alive” as we see his final days with his family throughout Season 13.

“Good seeing your dad on tonight’s episode. Truly missed!” another fan offers to Bear. Indeed, this may be what has the “King of Extreme” looking so down.

To this, however, another fan offers “Everything is going to be okay bud. God is with us.”

Hopefully Bear feels the same way soon. Until then, Alaskan Bush People fans can continue to support Bear Brown on his Instagram account, and by watching Discovery’s Season 13 on the network and Discovery+.