‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Says He’s Moving Away from Family Tradition for Christmas This Year

by Amy Myers

Now that he’s living away from the rest of his family, you’d think that the holidays would be a difficult time of year for Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown. But instead, the ever-positive Instagram star is making the best out of his situation and has decided to create some new traditions of his own.

Earlier this week, Brown posted a video that spoke to his plans for the holiday season. While in the past, the former Alaskan Bush People star might have relied on traditions from his childhood, this year, he decided to branch out (pun intended) and pick a Christmas tree with a few friends. He even posted a follow-up, snow-filled video of himself right before he headed out onto the hill to retrieve the tree.

“I’m focusing this year on kind of doing my own thing,” Brown said. “Instead of holding to the old traditions and stuff from Christmases in the past, I intend to do my own thing now. And I’m really kind of excited about it, you know.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Alum Also Kept up With Recent Trend of Discussing Recovery Topics

A few weeks ago, Brown created a “subject bowl” that held pieces of paper with different topics and buzz words. At least once a week, Brown chooses a new strip and gives a brief lesson on how to incorporate or cope with the idea in life.

This week’s buzzword: Routine.

“I thought I’d do a quick video tonight to check in and to talk about a subject from the subject bowl. I hope this finds everyone doing well,” Brown shared in the caption of his clip.

Brown also mentioned in his video that right now was probably the best time to initiate these conversations.

“When I feel good and I’m happy and I’m into it and everything, it makes it a lot easier to talk about subjects,” the former Alaskan Bush People star said.

During those moments when he didn’t feel quite so upbeat, though, he explained that his routine often comes in handy to give his day some structure and keep him from slumping into boredom. Instead of mindlessly clicking the remote and laying on the couch, he folds laundry, cleans his house and does other small tasks that make him feel like he’s accomplished something.

Not only does that keep him from sitting in front of the TV, but it also helps improve his mood and energy levels. Though the Alaskan Bush People star didn’t mention it, Brown’s daily routine probably also provides some much-needed stability, too. So, the technique might help fight off boredom as well as any addictive tendencies.