‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Gives a Winter Update With Crazy Icicle Photo

by Amy Myers

While snowstorms strike the Northeast region of the country, the Alaskan Bush People continue to enjoy their own winter wonderland with the usual snowfall and, yes, icicles.

Situated at their mountainous ranch in Washington, the Brown family is no strange to snow-covered landscapes, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less magical each time they see it. In fact, you might even go so far as to say that they still possess a sense of wonder because they still admire the sight of fresh snow.

Earlier today, the youngest brother of the Alaskan Bush People siblings, Noah Brown, posted a photo of his backyard. The snow has piled high on the grass and covered the tall evergreens. Sprouting from the roof was a gigantic icicle that was quickly growing and would soon touch the ground.

“This ice sickle is almost touching the ground, I will keep y’all updated on it’s progress,” the Alaskan Bush People star shared.

Fans in the comments couldn’t wait to see the gigantic icicle’s progress, and they even gave Noah a few pointers in the meantime.

“Add food coloring! It’s so beautiful,” one fan suggested. And with two young boys at home, that sounds like a pretty fun family experiment.

“Just don’t walk underneath it,” another warned. But at this point, with how long the icicle had grown, he couldn’t walk under it even if he wanted to.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Spends Holiday Season Cooing Over Son

Lately, the icicles aren’t the only things quickly growing in the Alaskan Bush People star’s home. Little Adam, born in October 2021, is growing just as fast, and he’s just as photographic – if not more.

Of course, Noah hasn’t been able to put down the camera since the moment they brought their newest baby boy home. There have been plenty of naptime photoshoots, some with Adam’s older brother, Eli, and some just by himself. And that was just within the first few weeks of the little Alaskan Bush People star’s life. Once the holiday season hit, Noah knew he had to take some festive photos of the babe.

Take a look at this one, where Adam snoozes peacefully in his dad’s arms.

“Hi, I will take some baby cuddles with a side of (oh my goodness he is sooooo cute) please,” Noah captioned the post.

And then there’s this shot, in which the Alaskan Bush People dad placed his baby boy underneath the Christmas tree.

“Ok ok, Rhain and I might be taking the gift-giving thing a bit too far,” he said.