‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Posts Heartwarming Pic of His Son: ‘Your World Revolves Around Them’

by Amy Myers

Little Alaskan Bush People star Adam Brown has his mom and dad, Noah and Rhain, wrapped around his finger. And his parents are completely fine with that.

Recently, Noah posted a photo of his four-month-old son with a sweet smile on his face. Along with the new snapshot, the 29-year-old father also shared a new realization.

“The reason a little Boy is called your Son, is because your world revolves around them,” Noah reflected in the caption.

Meanwhile, little Adam dressed perfectly on theme with his galactic onesie, complete with all the planets that “revolve” around him. He already has his father’s eyes and nose, demonstrating just how strong the “Wolf Pack” influence is on the youngest Alaskan Bush People star. While lying on a blanket, the babe seems completely content spending some quality time with his dad. You can almost hear the laughter in his little voice.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Can’t Help But Post Adorable Photos of Sleepy Son

Of course, this is far from the first photo that Noah and Rhain have shared of the new addition to the family. Some of Noah’s favorite pictures to post are ones of Adam during his snoozes, and who could blame him?

Take a look at this photo of the Alaskan Bush People star with his chubby cheeks and bald head.

“Hi, I will take some baby cuddles with a side of (oh my goodness he is sooooo cute) please,” Noah captioned the adorable photo.

During another one of Adam’s naps, Noah had time to reflect on how fatherhood has changed his life. With the recent death of his father, Billy Brown, he has recognized the importance of carrying on his father’s image. Thanks to the show, Adam will get to know exactly who his grandfather was and how he raised the Wolf Pack.

“Having another son really makes me think about Da and how Adam won’t have any personal memories with him,” Noah wrote in the post. “That is one reason that I am so thankful for the the TV show and why I am so grateful to our Discovery Channel Family for giving us the opportunity to show people that never had a chance to meet Da, just how wonderful of a person he was, and someday Adam will be able to watch the show and get to know his GrandDa. So until then I hope that everyone enjoys the new episode of Alaskan Bush People this Sunday night.”