‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Is ‘Ready for Naptime’ in New Pic With His Son

by Shelby Scott

It’s only Wednesday, but it appears “Alaskan Bush People” star Noah Brown is ready to kick back with his son on the couch already. Brown shared a selfie of himself and his son readying for naptime on Instagram and we could not be more jealous. Brown wrote, “We are both ready for naptime,” underneath the sweet father/son photo and fans couldn’t agree more.

The post caught a lot of love on Instagram, with many fans sharing they were also ready for naptime.

“I love a good nap🙌,” shared one of the “Alaskan Bush People” star’s followers, while another commented, “Naps are the best🙌.” No doubt; I foresee a nap of my own in the future.

However, while many fans commented both their love and envy of the pair’s sweet photo and their nap, others wondered about the “Alaskan Bush People” move back to the mountains following last year’s fire. Comments included, “Are you guys going to rebuild?” and “How are things going on the mountain? Hope you all get to get settled back in soon.”

2020 Wildfires Ripped Through “Alaskan Bush People” Home

This summer has been hard for both fire crews and civilians in the Western regions of the United States. Following intense heat and drought, this past summer resulted in some of the worst wildfires the nation has ever seen. However, while many make plans to rebuild or relocate following this year’s fires, the “Alaskan Bush People” stars are still recovering from 2020’s Palmer wildfire.

After a necessary move to Washington state, the Browns lost much of their North Star Ranch. The 2020 wildfire spread across the surrounding mountains in August, leaving little to stand in its wake. Ahead of the Palmer Fire, the family rushed to save their livestock, and, more than a year later, work to rebuild.

Additionally, families across the state alongside the “Alaskan Bush People” stars struggled to move forward following the fire. Footage previously captured by Bear Brown highlighted the ultimate destruction of the fire, white ash coating the stricken land, the appearance covering a rough total of about 10 million acres.

Nevertheless, the family’s endured and, among everything, “Alaskan Bush People” star Gabe Brown and his wife welcomed a new baby girl last month.

Brown Family Grows by 10 Tiny Toes

Things haven’t been easy lately for the “Alaskan Bush People’s” Brown family. However, among everything, they welcomed a perfectly beautiful baby girl last month.

Gabe and his wife Raquell welcomed their second daughter in September, and their eldest, Sophia seems more than happy to be a big sister. The Brown Mom shared in the announcement post regarding their new daughter, “This year has been especially hard for our family, but with hard time, blessings come as well.”

While fans have become minimally familiar with the couple’s oldest daughter, Raquell and Gabe plan to keep their new baby’s name and face private from the public for now. Raquell’s post acknowledged hers and her children’s quiet presence of the show within the post as well. She stated, “We continue to ask for our privacy from the public eye, however, she did thank fans and followers for “all [their] support and many blessings to the future!”