‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Shares Adorable Photo of His Baby Being Festive

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown has placed a particularly precious present underneath his Christmas tree. Cuddled up in his carrier, baby Adam slept peacefully as the glittering lights of the tree twinkled above him. His father even placed a red bow on the handle of the carrier. Beside him were a few wrapped presents, all ready for Saturday morning.

“Ok ok, Rhain and I might be taking the gift giving thing a bit too far,” Noah joked in the caption of the adorable picture.

Alaskan Bush People fans gushed over Noah and wife Rhain’s baby.

“Nothing better than babies at Christmas time,” one shared.

“Oh how cute! This is a precious gift! Adam is so cute! I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas,” a second wrote.

Another fan even deemed Adam the “Best Christmas present ever though,” and surely, his parents would happily agree.

A Look at the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Holiday Festivities

While Noah and Rhain have been working on their decorating and gift-wrapping, big brother Bear and his girlfriend Raiven Adams have partaken in some snowy adventures. Like the fellow Alaskan Bush People stars, much of the couple’s festivities have revolved around their own son, River, who loves to spend time with his parents outside.

Recently, the little family spent the day building a giant snowman that towered above their heads. According to Bear, they had a little help assembling the abominable snowman from his brother, Gabe.

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without a few shots with their frozen masterpiece. So, Raiven and Bear posed in front of their creation and shared a kiss.

Likely, the Browns in Washington will be spending Christmas Day as a whole. The Alaskan Bush People siblings will bring their own growing families together to unite aunts, uncles, cousins and grandkids.

Further west, eldest brother Matt Brown is celebrating the holidays in his own winter wonderland away from the rest of the Alaskan Bush People family. Earlier this month, Matt revealed to his Instagram followers that he would be spending Christmas alone, but he would also making the most out of his situation.

In preparation for the big holiday, Matt found himself his own Christmas tree and crafted some homemade decorations. He also decided he was going to start following traditions that were different than the ones he and his siblings knew growing up. This included enjoying a cup of hot cocoa with a scoop of ice cream after trimming the tree each year.