‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Shows Off Wood Carving

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Artyom GeodakyanTASS via Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown has shown off a wood carving on Instagram. For those unfamiliar with the anime Bleach, his caption might seem a little cryptic.

He captioned the head-on shot of what looks like a bear with, “Do you know the reference Or is your mind Hollow?” You can see the wood carving, and more, on his Instagram.

The wood carving has features that anime fans will know. The carving showcases something that looks like Ichigo’s hollow mask from the show Bleach. I guess Noah Brown is an anime fan. Some comments refer to the wood carving as Venom, a comic book character. A lot of people in Brown’s comments understood the reference, though.

The wood carving is very sleek. It seems to be of a bear, with the Bleach mask covering the face of it. The mask is also very sleek and fits in. It’s hard to tell if it’s separate from the carving itself. Regardless of if it’s part of the carving or not, it looks pretty cool. Kind of scary so close to Christmas, though.

Christmas with the Cast of ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Speaking of Christmas, Noah Brown and his brother, also of Alaskan Bush People fame, have both put their Christmas trees up. Noah Brown’s Christmas tree features black and white ornaments. There’s also a monster truck ornament, as well as a pink and blue angel. Bells have been added to the staircase beside the tree, for a little extra flair. You can never go too heavy on holiday decorations. Plus, this Christmas is extra special for the Brown family, as they welcomed another child this year. The Alaskan Bush People star has two sons. First Christmases are magical on their own, but decorations certainly help. It’s an exciting time all around.

Matt Brown also has his tree up. He detailed the entire experience of finding and cutting down his own Christmas tree. He was worried that he would have a hard time finding a tree. The area where he was looking had been damaged from wildfires last year. As luck would have it, Brown’s boss owned his own bit of forested land and was more than happy to let him look for a tree there. He found the perfect tree soon after.

His tree is decorated more extravagantly than Noah’s. The tree is pretty small but fit into Matt’s vision perfectly. When he got the tree, he already knew where he was going to put it and that it was perfect for him. The decorations were painstakingly made by hand. They perfectly complimented the rainbow lights and shiny tinsel on the tree. Matt might be celebrating in his own unique way, but that’s part of what makes the holiday so fun.