‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown’s New Alaska Pics Are Absolutely Incredible

by Jon D. B.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Noah Brown just hit fans with a gorgeous gallery of Alaska courtesy of his latest flight through the north.

“A long time ago in Alaska far far away,” Noah captions his latest Instagram post. So the Alaskan Bush People star is a fellow Star Wars fan! How’s that for double excellence? It’s an apt caption, too, as Brown looks to have had himself another brilliant adventure.

Within his gallery, Noah shows off several scenic shots and in-plane selfies from riding shotgun in the small aircraft. Having done the same with my pilot-for-an-uncle, I can confirm this is by far one of the most breathtaking ways to see any corner of our beautiful planet:

“Not all that long ago, but I’m sure it feels like an eternity for y’all. Blessings to y’all and the whole Brown family!” comments fan Jane.

For those who may not be, Noah’s caption is a riff on STAR WARS‘ iconic opening: “A long time ago… In a galaxy far, far away.”

For the Brown sibling, this harkens to his time in Alaska with his famous family. Much of which has been heartbreaking of late, with the loss of their father, Billy Brown, and their beloved dog, Mr. Cupcake, right before that. All of the above is currently unfolding in Alaskan Bush People‘s Season 13 on Discovery, and it makes for a harrowing, emotional watch, indeed.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Brown’s Family Continues to Grow

Noah’s throwback shots of our blue planet range from over-the-clouds aerial views from in-plane glimpses at Alaska from said clouds. It’s a welcomed sight for Alaskan Bush People fans, too. Not that we don’t love seeing the photos of his adorable family he often uploads, but there are few places on Earth as gorgeous as Alaska.

As for those adorable baby photos, there out in abundance on Noah’s Instagram. Most recently, he’s shared a few shots of his brand new baby boy, Adam. One, in particular, is as cute as they come as their toddler, Eli, snuggles his newborn brother.

“Warning! Cuteness overload!” Noah captions the shots. “And this is just the beginning of Rhain and I posing Eli and Adam together in super Cute and adorable ways, stay tuned!”

He includes a “!DISCLAIMER!” however, citing that he and Rhain “always practice safe sleep.

“Eli fell asleep on the couch with his moose and we moved the moose to put Adam in its place, we moved Adam right after we took the pictures and gave Eli his moose back,” Brown explains.

You can check out the adorable shots for yourself right here, and keep up with the Browns in Alaskan Bush People on Discovery every Sunday night.